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Freaky Students! 4 se_x positions for hostel rooms


We know you love to get down when you’re relaxing from reading or lecture rooms, and how best to relax than some good se.x. The hostel isn’t really the best place for se.x but we still make it work, don’t we?

Here are some positions that should help you have some memorable hostel se.x as compiled by Jill Hamilton, Cosmopolitan

1. Using the small fridge

If you’ve got that student fridge in your room, then you can partake in this one. You sit on fridge, It’s also advisable that you put some cloth on the top of the fridge before sitting on it. It’s probably cold, and naked bum on cold fridge isn’t se.xy at all. Back to you sitting on the fridge, let her ride you. Hold her waist and control the movement, guide the thrust better.

2. How about that wooden chair

This chair is available in almost all the rooms in the hostel, whatever hostel. It’s meant for reading along with the person but as you’ve found out, it’s for so many other devious uses. Let her bend her knee and lift it onto the seat of the chair, one leg on the table, the other on the floor. Stand behind her, penetrate her from here. Hold her waist for support.

3. Against the double decker bed

This is another creative way to use the bunk beds, how about when she leans on the tall bed post for support, and arches her back towards you for easy penetration. Using the bed might be bad because of the tiny beds but the frames and post certainly make it more interesting.

4. The desk

Haa…how can we forget about the desk, the best part of the room, also almost the most convenient one too. Let her lay face down with legs spread. Stand behind her and give her the business. If she is the noisy one, you might want to put some music on and increase the volume to bury her moans, you don’t want people to hear her.

As interesting as it sounds, you should have a way of communicating with your roommate, so he doesn’t bump into you guys during the action.

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