15 ways to make your lover beg you for se.x: Make him groan in pleasure


If you want to turn on your boyfriend and think you’ve done it all, you haven’t. The good news is that there are still territories left uncharted.
Most women don’t really believe that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Sure, he likes someone who can cook, but he isn’t going to fall in love with a Julia Child. When it comes to knowing how to turn on your boyfriend, it isn’t just about sex either.

A man wants to feel unconditionally loved the same way that you do. He just has a harder time expressing himself.

The best way to turn your boyfriend on is a mixture of being the girl next door, the caregiver, and a freak in the bed. I know, it sounds exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. To turn him on, it just takes overhauling your mindset and thinking about his needs the way you think about your own.

How to turn on your boyfriend: 15 ways to do it right

Consider all the things that mean the most to you in a relationship and translate it into “man language.” Even if it makes you uncomfortable, sometimes you need to put yourself into someone else’s shoes to get to know them and figure out what turns them on most.

#1 Sexting. Sexting is highly underrated. The next time you want to connect with your guy, don’t send him a passive aggressive text trying to get his attention. Really get his attention.

Sending him a note telling him you are going to wrap your mouth around his penis tonight is much more effective than asking “Why don’t we have sex anymore?”

Guys don’t want questions. They may just push him further away. Send him something naughty and skip the drama to turn him on.

#2 Send him naked photos. Oops… did I just take a picture up my skirt? You don’t have to get totally naked to turn him on. In fact, guys are all in their head. A simple image with the promise of something more to come, will have him wanting to cum before he even steps through your door.

#3 Smile. You know what turns a guy on most? Odd but true, it is the smile of a woman he loves. A smile is like saying you think he is Superman and Batman rolled into one. As simple as it may sound, give him a big ol’ one. Just make sure it is genuine. There is nothing hot about a forced or fake smile.

#4 Talk about his junk. If you want to turn on your boyfriend, remember that men love two things, their penis and their lady. If you want to turn him on, talk about his penis. Go into detail about how big it is, how it feels when it penetrates you, how you want him to penetrate you, how it is the most ginormous thing you have ever seen. Sometimes his own sexual organ and talk of it, turns him on just as much as your female parts.

#5 Be open to new things. If you want to turn a guy on, try to do what they want to do. That may mean watching a naughty movie in bed with him. Hell, even let him choose. Sometimes we think we know what turns our guys on, negating what is right in front of us. Being open to doing the things you know he likes will be an instant turn on.

#6 Be spontaneous. Okay, so it isn’t Friday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wait for him butt-naked in bed with a trail of flowers beckoning him to the bedroom.

Guys love spontaneity, and the anticipation of finding someone lying in bed just waiting to be ravished is about as sexy as it gets.

#7 Find toys for him. We all have the standard vibrator, but there are a ton of new toys becoming mainstream. Go online and read some reviews about different toys designed for him.

He may be resistant at first, but if you talk him down and into it, it will be something to turn him on and create more intimacy for you both.

#8 Work on his favorite asset. This isn’t going to be an immediate turn on. It may take some real effort on your part. But if you know your guy is a butt man, hire a trainer and get on it. It isn’t that he doesn’t love you for who and what you are, but if you put a little effort into his fantasy parts, you will get a great return on your hard work by his hardness.

#9 Nibble his erogenous zones. The mistake girls make is to think that there are only two erogenous zones on a guy. They have about as many as women do, we just typically go for the full monty.

If you want to turn him on, hit the key places like the nipples, behind the ears, the inside of the thighs and don’t ever, ever, neglect the testicles. It is those little sensual touches that turn him on without even having to go for his package.

#10 Talk dirty. I know, when we talk dirty out loud, sometimes we feel like we’re standing on stage in our underwear. Talking dirty is an art that you have to develop. As silly as you think you sound, it sounds totally and utterly sexy when it rings his ears.

Your words may sound strange and out of place when they leave your mouth, but by the time they make it to his brain, he is already revved up and ready to go.

#11 Be aggressive. Sometimes he doesn’t want to have to be the aggressor. If you want to turn your boyfriend on, it may take a little more than making the first move. Some guys like to be dominated.

That doesn’t mean you tie him to the bed or order a feathered whip. Unless he is into that sort of thing. That just means being a little more forceful and taking control of the situation once in a while. It allows him just to sit back and enjoy without having to try so hard.

#12 Praise him. I don’t mean to belittle him. He isn’t a dog or a pet, but giving him some positive reinforcement makes it easier for him to let go and have a good time.

Guys can’t get turned on when they don’t feel good about themselves or don’t feel powerful. If you make him feel those two things, he won’t need Viagra.

#13 Use aphrodisiacs. Scents, foods, and different sensations help to enhance his sexual mood and turn him on.

Not just a myth, certain things like pheromones send a primordial signal to his nose that makes him want to mount you. Foods like oysters and chocolate help to elicit certain hormones to get him turned on. It is all about finding the right combinations to set his heart on fire.

#14 Be playful. Role playing may be something that feels strange at first, but once you get into character, it can be fun for you both. Let’s not kid ourselves by thinking that guys, even if monogamous, sometimes don’t miss variety. Being playful and playing a different role allows him to live out his fantasies with his fantasy girlfriend, which is you.

#15 Shut up. Sometimes the best thing you can do to turn your boyfriend on is to shut your mouth. That is right, stop trying so damn hard and just keep your mouth silent. Instead of overthinking, over-talking, or continually asking questions, just wrap your mouth around every part of his body and go to town.

In a guy’s world, not having to listen to idle chatter is about as sexy as it gets. One note, you never hear women in pornos go on about their long day or what Susie said at work. Guys love porno, right? Think about it.

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