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3 things never to do to a woman's VAG!NA


Being able to understand her body and treating and treating it well is the best way to arouse and keep your woman. Attention should be paid to the va.gina in the right way.

For the best se.xual experience, it is important for men to take the time to treat a woman's va.gina right. The kissing and all of the foreplay is a buildup for when you start to show her va.gina some se.xy attention.

For this to work, here are three moves to stay away from.

Bite it

There is absolutely no circumstance where it is okay to bite a woman's vag.ina. The va.gina is extremely sensitive and even the tiniest nibble can be felt in the most intense way. So, avoid having your teeth down there during oral se.x. Your teeth have no business during the act. Focus on kisses and learning how to correctly move your tongue to bring her to bliss.

Tug at it

The big difference between a va.gina and a pe.nis is that during a hand job, penises prefer a more rigorous move, but the va.gina needs a more gentler approach. There are so many nerve endings within and around the va.gina that only a little touch is required to arouse her. Overdoing it will have the opposite effect. Avoid pinching or tugging hard at it as this is a really terrible idea.

Ram into it

You should not have se.x the way you mastu.rbate. Ramming into her endlessly will do nothing to help her org.asm and she is unlikely to enjoy this. Alternate your thrusts from gentle to intense but make sure you also grind against her to reach all her her sweet spots. Ignore p.orn flicks that feature a man ramming into a woman for hours, it does absolutely nothing for her.

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