6 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Condoms


For a very long time, co ndoms have been known to be highly preferred for safe intimacy and s 3xual relationship. However, quite a lot of people do not know some important things about co ndoms, how it came about and some shocking things that surrounds its usage.

Here are 6 things you never knew about co ndoms.

1. Only 5{1f0bb132e08ca1f8565add86e1f8740171c75f84ed80bad4a750114913f392ef} Of Men Around The World Wear co ndoms

2. There Are Four Different Kinds Of co ndoms

3. Modern co ndoms Are Made From Tires4. co ndoms Basically Have Not Been Redesigned Since They Were Invented

5. co ndoms (On Average) Do Not Really Affect How Good The s ex Is

6. Women Account For Almost Half Of co ndom Sales

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