7 Things girls do better than boys


1. Girls Learn Better

It has been proven that girls are smarter than boys and one reason is because girls learn better. This is because women are better organized, open, and considerate. The two colleges of the University of Georgia and the Columbia University put this fact to the test and girls indeed appeared to be found better learners.

2. Girls are Cleaner

Guys like to get dirty, girls don’t. Girls spend hundreds of dollars on products that helps them maintain their personal hygiene, guys don’t. According to San Diego State University’s research that consisted of testing work spaces, found that men had an abundance of germs and bacteria crowding their desk. On the other hand, the women’s desks were more tidy and germ-free.

3. Girls Interview Better

The anxiety of a job interview can make or break your chances at landing the job. A study has discovered that women are better equipped than men to handle this overwhelming amount of stress. Before the interview both men and women are highly worried but when the time comes to shine, girls deliver better results and one of those reasons is that girls prepare more before arriving.

4. Girls Mature Better

Megan Fox is a perfect example of this! Girls tend to “mature” better into hot human beings they once weren’t before. The research proves that women are more likely to get better looking over time while men stay their same dorky looking selves. The study reviewed 2,000 people over the course of 40 years. It has concluded that attractive women mate more than unattractive ones and pass on their good looking genes to their children (most likely to be daughters).
5. Girls Survive Accidents More

Bad car accidents occur more often than we would like but only a small number of people actually die from them. Carnegie Mellon University produced a test to see in there is any difference between men and woman survivors, and there was. Women are 77{1f0bb132e08ca1f8565add86e1f8740171c75f84ed80bad4a750114913f392ef} more probable to stay alive in a car crash than men. This makes us reevaluate the whole plot of The Vow where the man was unharmed and the girl suffered from lifelong memory lost after being in a car accident.

6. Girls Are More Recession Proof

Men are the ones who provide for the family and bring home all the hard earn cash so how are girls more likely to be successful during a recession? Stated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a whopping 80{1f0bb132e08ca1f8565add86e1f8740171c75f84ed80bad4a750114913f392ef} of all individuals who have lost their jobs since 2007 have been men. This is because when a recession hits, the industries where most men work are hit first. Maybe now they’ll reconsider making fun of the stable jobs of being a nurse or teacher.

7. More Girls Graduate College

Since you were in elementary school, you’ve always discovered that more women have been in your class than men. It’s no surprise that women not only attend college more but graduate more often also. More woman hold a bachelor’s degree than men and men on average take a longer time grabbing one, if they receive one at all.

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