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VAG!NA myths that you should know


FOR too long, women have been misled and misinformed about their own ge_nitals. It’s time to stop the cycle. Far too many women know far too little about their own vaginas.

Did you know the internal (and by far largest) part of the cli_toris was only discovered in the 90s?

According to The Museum of S_ex, urologist Helen O’Connell used MRI technology to study the female anatomy and made great discoveries.

It’s time to stop the cycle of shame, taboo and ignorance. Let’s look at popular, pervading myths about our va_ginas:

Myth 1: The cli_toris is the tiny nub at the top of your vulva

Fact: The little external bud is merely the ears of the hippo sticking out above the water. The largest part of the cli_toris is internal and surrounds the va_ginal canal, like a hug.

Myth 2: A dry va_gina is a tight, chaste va_gina

Fact: A dry va_gina is a vag_ina that shouldn’t be participating in se_xual intercourse. Dry se_x increases friction during intercourse, but not in a good way.

Since dry s_ex often leads to tears in the vag_inal wall it increases the spreading of STDs such as HIV. It can also lead to pain, discomfort and infection for women. Healthy s_ex requires lubrication.

Myth 3: You have to wash the inside of your va_gina with soap and water

Fact: Washing is not recommended. It can upset the delicate balance of organisms in the va_gina and lead to thrush, itchiness and discomfort.

The va_gina cleans itself, so regular washing of the vulva (outside bits) with warm water is sufficient.

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