Evil pastor arrested for having sex with a Sunday School girl during church service


A once respected Kenyan pastor in a Malindi village has been arrested after he allegedly pounced on an 11-year-old Sunday School girl at his church and relived himself of his sexual thirst on her in a bush near a church.

The evil man of cloth was arrested on Monday at his home as he attempted to escape after he got wind he was a wanted man.

A Kenyan online publication, Tuko reported that the girl who is also a pupil at a local school was an ardent member of the pastor's church, just like her parents.

The minor's father narrated how his daughter shockingly revealed to him how the assistant pastor identified as John Ngala, 40, lured her with fairy tales of angels directing him to her. He lied to her during an evening church service as other church members were busy and told her he had a vision that she would be his second wife and that to fulfill this, he had to sample her sexual goodies.

“My daughter told me that while the night services were ongoing, the pastor followed her to where she was sitting at around 8pm and told her that it had been revealed to him through a dream from God that she would be her second wife, and to fulfill the dream, she must accept to have sexual intercourse with him,” he said.

“I believe my daughter could not resist since she is still a minor. And she was being addressed by a highly respected man inside a church that she normally goes like any other church member,” he said.

The pastor allegedly dragged her outside the church and into a nearby thicket where he ripped the child of her dignity and innocence.

“I was shocked. I thought my daughter was dreaming. I had to consult my village elder, where he advised me to report the incident to the police, get a P3 form and proceed to seek the arrest of the man,” he said.

Police confirmed the arrest and are preparing to parade the shamed man in court to be charged.

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