12 Signs That Shows You Are An Over Competitive Mum Or Dad


Every parent has some form of competitive streak in them. However, if you do not want to hand down faulty values to your child and also destroy their self esteem, then you might want to asses your competitiveness. You are definitely over competitive if you…

1. cannot bear to see your child losing. Winning is extremely important to you that you seek for winning opportunities in every facets of life, from playing with their friends to real competitions.

2. teach your child to bend the rules. You ask your child to cheat in order to pass exams.


3. overrate your child’s performance. You tell everyone that your baby started walking at 6 months and could speak coherently at 12 months.

4. constantly compare your child with others. You keep comparing your child’s performance with those of your friend’s children.

5. secretly hire coaches, tutors or other professionals to give their child and edge BUT not share the information with others. Often they will instruct their child to keep it a secret.

6. quiz other parents for information about their kids and the use it compare their under-performing child with your overachieving child. That’s crass!

7. equip your kids with all the latest gadgets and electronics, even when you cannot easily afford them.

8. enroll their kids into expensive schools they cannot really afford. Their kids are usually sent out of classes due to non-payment of fees.

9. can lie to promote your child’s achievements.

10. under the guise of friendship, as a technique used to measure their own child’s standing, you ask another parent how her daughter, Bonny performed in the Numeracy test last week. You know this is true because you have no real interest in Bonny’s performance.

11. when the end result is more important to you than the process. You really do not care if your child’s swimming technique is right as long as she wins.

12. get disappointed because your child scores A instead of an A+

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