Married Doctor frightens maid with his strong penis full of veins

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A married doctor reportedly 'frightened his housekeeper with his strong penis, full of veins and told her 'me and you have chemistry' as she cleaned his apartment, a tribunal heard today.

Dr Mohammed Ihsan, 36, approached the woman whilst he was dressed only in a towel around his waist and told her: "I'm looking for some fun," it is alleged.

The unnamed housekeeper who had been retrieving cleaning items from her trolley claimed Ihsan locked the door to the flat then pushed into her a corner as she exclaimed: "I'm not that type of person".


He then allegedly dropped his towel to show he was aroused before grabbing the woman's bottom. She managed to break free when her mobile phone rang and she unlocked the door before escaping. This was after she had been shocked by the married doctor's bedroom weapon of mass destruction.

The alleged incident was one of several unwanted advances made towards the woman by Ihsan between January and April last year after he rented the property in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire.

The GP was subsequently asked to leave by the managers at the apartment block after the woman complained.

The Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service was told the housekeeper had been employed to clean various flats at the complex where Ihsan had taken out a lease on a serviced property.

Lawyers for the General Medical Council Helena Duong told the Manchester hearing: 'She was responsible for cleaning his room and on a number of occasions, he was present when she was cleaning the room.

"On one incident in her statement she went to the room to collect her keys which she had left behind and Dr Ihsan opened the door with a towel around his waist. After she retrieved her keys, he dropped his towel and exposed his bottom in her sight. The next incident happened about a week after this when she was making his bed sheets. He came behind her and he put his bottom on top of hers. She describes feeling uncomfortable and moving away."

"About three weeks later, she was cleaning the room and she walked past his en-suite bathroom and he was using the shower and his door was open. We say he did this on purpose to expose himself to her. On April 4, while Ms A was cleaning his room, she went to get some things from the trolley outside and when she returned she saw Dr Ihsan with a towel around his waist. He said to her that they had 'chemistry' and he locked the door. He pushed her into the corner and said that he 'wanted to have fun' but she said that she is 'not that type of person'. He dropped his towel."

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