Baby dies, mysteriously rises from the dead then dies again, this time dies for good!


A FAMILY was struck down by heartbreak and shock last week when their baby, who had been declared dead, suddenly came to life again – only to die for good two days later.

According to Daily Nation, the tragedy began last Wednesday morning when Margaret Ahoi took her 20-day-old baby, Joseph, to the Ngewa Health Centre, about half an hour from their home in Githunguri, north of Nairobi.

He hadn’t suckled over night, and Joseph was referred to Kiambu Level Five Hospital, about an hour-and-a-half from their home.

Joseph was admitted to a paediatric ward and put on a drip and oxygen.

Margaret said: “Three different doctors separately told me that my baby had passed on at about 9.30am the next day. I was in doubt and I kept asking if they were sure about it and they insisted they had medically confirmed that the baby was no more.”

The heartbroken mum watched as her baby was undressed and prepared for the mortuary. But the undertakers were delayed, and little Joseph remained lying cold and still in the hospital until the next morning.

By 4pm the family had been issued with a burial permit, and they started their journey home to where a grave had been prepared for his little body.

Margaret said: “We handled the baby as a corpse. After all, we had been informed that he was dead. But when we arrived home, he coughed and even cried, throwing all of us into confusion. When we uncovered him, we realised that fresh blood was oozing from the wound from a drip on his hand and he had also pooed.

“Were it not for a delay on the road home, we would have buried him alive.”

Margaret was paralysed by fear and confusion, but Gogo Mary Wanjiru milked a cow and fed the baby boiled milk.

But Joseph was clearly distressed, and the family once again rushed to hospital.

Margeret said: “We found a very dedicated doctor who took care of my baby from the time we arrived, but he passed on the following day at around 9am.”

This time little Joseph had gone for good, and he was buried hours later.

Now the traumatised family is haunted by the question of whether Joseph would have survived if he had not been treated as a corpse for all those desperate hours.

A complaint has been laid with the cops and the hospital, which are investigating.

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