Man (44) who was born without a PEN!S finally gets one for R1.27 million, can now have sex with girlfriend of 6 years


A MAN who has had a £70,000 (R1.27 million) BIONIC manhood fitted after being born without a penis says he can't have sex for another six weeks – but admits he's in "no hurry".

Doctors used Andrew Wardle's left arm and right leg to construct the member and last week he had his final operation where a tube was inserted so he can "inflate" it.

The latest surgery means the 44-year-old, from Stalybridge, Manchester, will be able to make love for the first time in his life – although he's yet to put it to the test. Andrew says sex with girlfriend of six years, Fedra, 28, will "happen when it feels right".

He told the Daily Mail: "There's no hurry. I've gone all my life without sex —you can't miss something you've never had.

"So although I'm looking forward to it, it's not something I'm desperate to do."

Andrew admits he's also in a lot of pain following the operation eight days ago – and has been left with a permanent erection, so that the skin can be properly stretched. He has to go back to London's University Hospital next week to have his new manhood "deflated".

Andrew, who works at Butlin's in Skegness, said: "I've barely ventured outside my front door for the last eight days as I'm terrified people might get the wrong idea."

The doctors will also show him how to work the pumps and he'll need to spend the next six weeks inflating and deflating it daily – then he'll be ready to start using it properly.

Although born without a penis, Andrew does have testicles so surgeons were also able to wire them up to the penis with a pump so it can work like a real one. It means he should be able to produce sperm and, in theory, potentially have children.

He added: "The doctors have offered to test my fertility but I don't want it. That would be too much. I want to take things one step at a time."

Andrew was born without a penis due to an incredibly rare defect that meant his bladder formed on the outside of his body. Doctors were able to place the organ inside his body, but had to build a special tube through his abdomen and into a bag for his urine. His teenage, single mum put him up for adoption at birth and he spent his childhood in foster care, as no families were willing to take him home due to his health issues.

He was in and out of hospital as a youngster suffering from infections and estimates he had 100 bladder-related operations. At school he was teased and bullied for being different and when he left he drifted between dead end jobs, travelling to Greece and Spain to work in holiday camps.

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