Quarantined Zimbabweans demand more condoms after finishing 4 boxes in 24 hours (Video)


In a rather surprising development, returned Zimbabweans who are being quarantined as a precaution to curb the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) are reported to have demanded even more condoms. This comes after the group which is being quarantined in Plumtree finished four boxes of condoms in less than 24 hours, last week.

It seems that the group of Zimbabweans which is being quarantined after being deported from Botswana, have found other means of keeping themselves entertained as they count down the days.

However, this situation is not advisable, as the health authorities are cautioning people to practise social distancing and maintain high standards of hygiene in order to avoid contracting the coronavirus. The disease has already killed 4 people in Zimbabwe and infected 28 others.

The demand for condoms by the returning Zimbabwean citizens was revealed by the Secretary for Social Welfare Simon Masanga who said that the people may have disregarded social distancing requirements. Masanga stressed that the quarantine facility was not a military camp, and as such the authorities could not force the quarantined people to stick to a strict schedule and regimen.

He opined that the quarantined people may be sneaking out at night despite having been cautioned about the dangers of doing so. However, Masangaa said that he is not 100 percent sure of what exactly is happening and that perhaps the quarantined citizens may be hoarding the condoms and putting them in their bags for later use.

Below is a report on the issue which was carried out by Zimpapers Television Network (ZTN)


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