Man successfully divorces wife by forging her signature


We’re often encouraged to always go for what we want, and not let anything or anyone stand in our way. However, this man from Texas in the United States of America might’ve taken it a bit too far.

According to Complex news, 51-year-old Paul Nixon is wanted by police for forging his wife's signature on divorce papers. Paul signed the legal documents on his wife’s behalf without her knowledge, an illegal act that might result in him spending 10 years behind bars if convicted for felony aggravated perjury charges.

The constable working on the case, Mark Herman told the New York Post, “We rarely see something like this. In this particular case, the gentleman decided to go through a divorce, but the only problem is, he left his wife out of the process. And that’s a violation of the law here in Texas.”

When Paul’s wife found out and first told the authorities about it, she was still very surprised.

“She was very surprised,” Mark relayed. “She started finding things showing that he was spending money on jewellery, so she confronted him, and he told her that they were actually divorced.”

When she went to the court to find out if he was telling the truth, she discovered the forged documents. After telling the authorities what happened, the divorce was retracted, which means they are still legally married – even though Paul has disappeared, the New York Daily News.

“It is believed that he has been missing since September 14. We have teams out looking for him right now, I can tell you. And we have an idea where he’s at. So hopefully, he’ll turn himself in. If not, we’ll catch him. Just a matter of time,” the constable concluded.


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