Shock as 20-year-old murderer and his 21-year-old sister commit 6 sex crimes


Convicted child rapist and killer, Yagyah Robyn, and his sister are expected to plead guilty to raping several young boys.

The two are expected to make admissions involving six charges relating to rape and forcing children to watch and take part in sex acts in a game involving a tin.

Robyn, 20, and Shameega Robyn, 21, are facing charges at the Wynberg Regional Court.

According to court papers, on 18 July, the siblings are expected to make admissions under Section 220 of the Criminal Procedure Act, which can be used to convict them.

The State is set to prove that during 2014 and 2015, the duo allegedly lured three young boys between the ages of 11 and 13 to a cave in bushes in Ocean View, where they played a game using a tin.

In court documents, the State alleges that Shameega drew names out of a tin, ordering each victim to enter the cave.

Robyn then allegedly raped each one individually and the children were forced to witness the sex attacks on one another.

Robyn made headlines in August last year when he was convicted and sentenced for the rape and murder of his 14-year-old cousin, Camron Britz, of Ocean View.

He received 30 years direct imprisonment.

Robyn lured Camron away from a galley fire in Ocean View on 1 July 2017 under the pretext that her father was calling her.

The girl went with him and her half-naked body was found the next day along bushes in Slangkop Street, Ocean View.

She had been strangled to death and river weed was shoved into her mouth.

On Monday one of the boys’ mothers, aged 33, said her child was the first to be raped by Robyn. The boy was 11 years old at the time.

The mom says: “A cave was built by the children and there were two other persons inside with them. The woman took out a tin and placed names inside on pieces of paper. She called my son first and he was told to pull his pants down and to go to the man. The children, one after the other, had to watch what was happening to their friends. We are relieved the case is reaching an end because we were told we must consider the accused’s family, but what about our children, what about my child?”

A relative of Camron, who asked not to be identified, has condemned Shameega for her alleged role in the rapes of the boys.

“Why didn’t she stop what was happening? Now the children have been left traumatised,” she says.

– Daily Voice

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