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Wife boils hubby's penis and his great pair of balls for cheating


For weeks he claimed she threatened him with a knife, telling him she was going to cut off his penis. But when he was eventually attacked, he learnt a painful lesson he will remember every time he takes off his pants.

Boiling water was poured over his penis, scarring him for life! Ishmael Radebe (45) from Daveyton in Ekurhuleni claimed his wife of more than 16 years accused him of cheating.

From his sister’s home in Boksburg where he is nursing his burn wounds, he told Daily Sun how his penis was damaged. He claimed what sparked the attack was when he came home after 9pm on 28 October. “She kept quiet. She never said a word,” he claimed.

Ishmael didn’t think there was anything strange about her silence and he went to bed.

“While I was in bed, I saw her with a pot of boiling water coming towards me. Then she poured the water over my penis,” he claimed.

She allegedly said: “Ngizoku bonisa ukuthi isfebe ngisenzanjani!” (“I’ll show you what I do to a cheater!”)

He claimed after she dropped the pot she ran away. The boiling water burnt his penis, his great pair of balls, pelvic area, thighs and hips. Ishmael said he screamed at the top of lungs in pain and raced to the fridge to get ice.

He called his sister, who called an ambulance. He was taken to hospital and came back two days later. During that time, his wife allegedly called the cops and told them he was abusing her and she wanted him out of the house.

Ishmael fears going back to his house. He claimed for several years, he had been on the receiving end of his wife’s abuse.

“She has been beating me up and hitting me with pots, and provoking me to fight back so she can have me arrested. But I never cheated on her. I respected her,” he claimed.

He said he just wants peace and for the law to take its course. He advised other men who are abused by their partners to speak out and not to be ashamed.

Police spokesman Constable Justice Ramaube said the charge was changed from assault to attempted murder.

We phoned his wife, Lindiwe Maphanga (43) and asked her about the burn wounds which Ishmael accused her of inflicting. She did not respond and just hung up the phone. She appeared in the Benoni Regional Court on Monday and was released on bail. She is due to appear in court again soon.

– Dailysun

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