Thabo Chabalala manhandled and thoroughly beaten by police for simply driving at night


THABO Chabalala was manhandled and beaten for allegedly driving on a closed road. The 32-year-old taxi driver from Bethlehem, Free State said cops have something against him.

A video of Thabo being attacked has come out after cops allegedly raided a local tavern for operating after hours on Saturday morning, when they met Thabo, who said he had done nothing wrong.

“I was on duty driving around the kasi when I was stopped by a police van. The police officer demanded to see my licence and when I got out to take it out of my back pocket, I was suddenly attacked and told I was not allowed to be driving on the road. What confuses me is the road I was driving on was open, but closed in the opposite direction because of construction work,” he said.

Thabo said what angered the cops was when he asked them why they were driving on the road, if he wasn’t allowed to do so.

“Residents and patrons came out to help as the cops dragged me and tried to arrest me. I was hit with fists and hot klaps as one of the cops tried to handcuff me. After the residents pleaded with them to leave me alone, I was told to voetsak.”

Thabo said this is not the first time he’s been attacked by cops.

“A month ago, I was locked up for five hours after cops stopped me on the same road and told me I was driving on the wrong side. What is strange is that other motorists are left to drive on the road but I am treated like a criminal because I am a taxi driver. I want justice for what the cruel cops did to me,” Thabo said.

Police spokesman Captain Zweli Mohobeledi said: “We advise the driver to speak to the station commander about the incident as it does not appear to be on our records.

“This will give him an opportunity to lay a formal complaint against the police,” Mohobeledi said.

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