DJ leaves hospital with bullets still lodged in his body after thugs who shot him threatened to finish him


A well-known community DJ, who was wounded in a drive-by shooting in Lavender Hill, says staff sent him home with the bullets still lodged in his body after thugs apparently threatened to “finish him off” in the hospital.

The 30-year-old dad of one had been playing dominoes with four other men on Tuesday in Stuckuirus Hof when three gunmen jumped out of a Nissan Tiida and opened fire on them.

A 23-year-old man died on the scene while a 78-year-old grandfather passed away later in hospital.

The man, who was shot in the back, legs and arm, says he was rushed to Victoria Hospital where a nurse allegedly told him they had received information that the shooters would come to the hospital to look for the survivors.

Speaking on Thursday, the man was in obvious pain as he lay in bed speaking about the shooting.

“We were playing dominoes and when the first gunshot went off, I turned around and saw gunmen shooting,” he says.

“I ran and then they shot me in the back, then in my legs, which are just flesh wounds, and in the hand.

“I ran to a house for safety and watched how the others were being shot, they even shot the old man.”
The man says he still has bullets lodged in his back and hand.

“They first told me they are going to take me to theatre and take the bullet out of my hand,” he says.

“They said they cannot remove the bullet in my back yet because it would be risky and that I must wait for it to move by itself.

“Not long after that, they told me they are going to discharge me and that I must come back (at a later date) to take the bullet out of my hand.

“The one nurse said she is worried about the people inside the hospital because just now the gangsters come into the hospital. She said they called the police.”

The man’s angry father says he wants answers as his son could have died from his injuries.

“I am very upset, firstly because these gangsters just shoot anyone and secondly with the hospital, each one has a right to receive medical treatment.”

Western Cape Government Health spokesperson Monique Johnstone would not comment on the man’s claims that he was sent home because of threats by gangsters.

She says the man was deemed to be well enough to be discharged.

“The patient arrived at Victoria Hospital on Tuesday 9 October with two gunshot wounds. The hospital’s surgeon could not remove the first bullet as it would cause more harm to the patient once removed.

“The second bullet has been scheduled to be removed this week, as the surgeon wanted the swelling to subside before performing the operation.

“The patient was under observation to ensure that he was medically safe and discharged to return for the operation.”


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