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Cheating married woman and her boyfriend get stuck together during sex in Pretoria, hubby forgives her


A PRETORIA man, whose cheating wife's naked pictures went viral on social media after she could not detach from her secret lover after sex, has forgiven her.

James Nkomo (42) from Majaneng, north of Pretoria, has smoked a peace pipe with Mavis Nkomo (32) his wife of eight years and mother of their two children, after the incident which sent shock waves across the country two months ago.


The pictures showed Mavis and her lover attached to each other. It is reported that they could not detach from each other after sex. They had booked at a local guesthouse in Hammanskraal, Pretoria, a few kilometres from Majaneng when the incident occurred.

Even though James was the one who consulted an inyanga to trap his wife and her secret lover, he still feels pity for her. “I did not want to harm my wife, I only wanted to stop her from cheating. I love my wife very much and I could not bear the thought of sharing her with another man,” he says.

He says he didn't know that the muthi which was given to him would make his wife and her partner not be able to detach from each other. James says he is still puzzled and shocked by the entire incident.


James says he consulted a Ugandan traditional doctor, Hassan Kato better known as Dr Mulongo after a friend advised him to do so. “I have endured three years of my wife cheating on me because I was unemployed. I tried my level best to provide for my family with the little money I earn from my piece jobs,” he says. James says his wife was always depriving him of sex claiming that she was tired. James says he was shocked when on 20 June, he received a call from his mother-in law who broke the news of his wife being attached to her secret lover. He says when he arrived at the guesthouse where his wife and lover were, he could not believe what he saw. “I could not bear to see my wife with another man,” he says. He says the trapped secret lovers had to be taken to the traditional doctor to be detached. “Despite everything, I still love

my wife very much. She is the love of my life, the mother of my children, I have forgiven her,” he declares. “I just want to close this chapter of my life and focus on moving forward to heal my soul and rebuild my marriage.”


James says after the incident, some local people distanced themselves from him and are scared of him thinking he is a witch. Some often point in his direction when he passes and make nasty remarks. “I am pleading with people to leave us alone and let me heal together with my wife,” he says. “I plead with people to stop circulating my wife’s pictures on social media because we want to put everything behind us.” Mavis, who is still traumatised by the incident, vows to not cheat on her husband again. She promises to be a faithful wife and a good mother to their children aged seven and 11. She says she was driven to cheat because of poverty as they were depending on their two children’s support grants to sustain the family. “I am ashamed of myself and I am not proud of what happened. I wish the earth could open and swallow me,” she sobs. Mavis says her secret lover is a married man and the incident has put a strain on his marriage. She says she last saw him on the day they were separated after being attached from each other. “I will never ever contact him, it is over between us. I just want to focus on my marriage,” she says. Mavis says she is ashamed of herself and wants to forget the whole incident. “I do not care what people say because I have already started a new chapter of my life with my family.


Shortly after the incident, I was blessed with a job which I believe will change my life completely,” she says. Dr Mulongo says that this is not the first couple he has helped with his powerful muthi. “There have been other couples who came to me for help and the muthi worked for them too, it’s just that these types of things happen in secret, they do not always get published all over the news or internet,” says the traditional doctor.

He says he was trained by his aunt in Uganda and is grateful for his ability to help people in need.

He says when a scorned lover comes to him for help, he gives them muthi to bath with and then after bathing in the muthi, they must have sex with the cheating partner in order for the process to take effect. “It takes about 13 days for the muthi to work,” he says. Asked what would have happened if he hadn’t separated the cheating lovers, Dr Mulongo says they would have eventually separated. “The muthi takes effect for about 1415 hours after which the lovers would have been separated but the separation is painful,” he says. But he assures Move! that the couple would not have died as a result of the muthi’s spell.


Move! was unable to speak to the secret lover as his phone went to voicemail, but James says a few weeks after the incident, his wife's secret lover tried to contact him to beg for forgiveness.

“I did not give him a chance to talk to me because I had no business to do with him,” he says. The doctor confirms that James is his client and when he approached him to help stop his wife from cheating, he could not refuse. “It is part of my practise to help lovers become faithful to each other,” he says. The doctor offered James counselling and advised him to work on his relationship.

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