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Don't go to a tavern if you are broke, you'll end up having tlof tlof: Police warn women


Theunissen police have warned the community most particularly women from requesting men to purchase alcohol for them at taverns as it put their lives at risk.

Cops were out in full force on Saturday, July 30, in a outreaching awareness campaign that was aimed at sending a stern warning to women to take care of their lives.

Lejweleputswa police spokesperson, captain Stephen Thakeng said different police stakeholders including Social Crime Prevention, Community Policing Forum (CPF) and Youth Desk converged at lepolankeng, local tavern in Theunissen to address the community.

The police stressed that women who do not have money to buy alcohol end up being victims of forced tlof tlof.

“Some men will buy alcohol and in return, they expect tlof tlof pleasures from them.

“Men will eventually take them by force and rape them as payment for the money they spent on them,” said Thakeng.

Women were also advised not to walk alone during the night in remote areas.

Last month, residents of Ntuzuma township in ethekwini were also given a similar advice by police.

One community member, who spoke on condition of anonymity, takes a deep sigh before telling us of the terror and anxiety experienced by township residents.

“There’s hardly a day which goes by without the terrifying sound of gunshots. Those who know the operations of the criminal gangs say they are into car hijackings, and the reason why they fire random shots is to keep other gangs at bay.

“They want to instill fear in the community not to interfere in their business,” he lamented.

Concerned residents said the Ntuzuma police station is under-resourced.

“Some police officers are brave enough to say that we must learn to coexist with the gangsters. One police officer said if we don’t bother criminals they will not bother us,” he said.

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