Bishop Stephen Zondo raped me and paid me R1


BISHOP Stephen Zondo appeared in North Gauteng High Court on Monday, 15 November.

A woman (46), testified how the Living Waters Ministries leader raped her in her great-grandmother’s house in Sebokeng zone 3, Vaal about 1980 or 1981.

She told the court Zondo called her into the house while she was playing with other children.

She mentioned Zondo is her uncle.

“He asked me to wash his socks. I was seven years old then. But there was no water and no socks in the bathroom.”

She said she waited for him to come back as she assumed he went to the bedroom to fetch the socks.

“When he came out, he was wearing short green pants and a white vest. He called me to my great-grandmother’s bedroom where I used to sleep,” she said.

“He stood next to the bed and ordered me to climb onto it. I complied as I didn’t know his intentions. When I was sleeping on the bed, he pulled me by my legs, turning me to his direction.”

The woman said he then pulled down his green, short pants and touched his 4-5.

“He asked me whether I knew what it was and I said no. He opened the cupboard and reached a white container containing vaseline. He smoothed his 4-5 and also rubbed it around my punani. He pushed his 4-5 into my punani. I felt pain as he continued pushing and I screamed. I cried out: ‘Uncle, you are hurting me’.

“He pointed me with a finger and said, you are making noise. He stretched one of his hands towards my face as if he would close my mouth. He pulled out his 4-5, took a cloth and wiped it and my punani. He dressed me and I jumped out of bed,” she said

The woman said Zondo gave her a R1 and ordered her not to tell anyone about their secret.

“He even gave me a packet of sweets and told me to share the sweets with friends,” she said.

Church spokesman Baku Mpembe claimed: “This has not affected the church. We had a victory praise and worship night in Evaton on Friday and it was packed to capacity. “People are coming to church and say they support Zondo. He is doing very well and is at peace as God is on his side,” claimed Mpembe.

Zondo’s attorney Jeffrey Rahlagane said they were happy so far.

“They must bring their witnesses who we will have an opportunity to cross-examine and test their evidence,” he said.

Kwanele Foundation founder Sihle Sibisi said: “We are not against pastors, churches or the religious sector. We are against the behaviour, wrongdoings, horrible things and traumatic things for congregants.”

Zondo faces nine counts of rape, one of indecent assault and one of defeating the ends of justice. He pleaded not guilty to all charges.

The trial continues.

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