My step mum wants me to have sex with her – Ekurhuleni man cries for help


A 36-year-old man is running scared of his beautiful stepmum now that his father has died.

The man from Volsoorus, Ekurhuleni said ever since his father died, the stepmum has made it clear she’d like them to start poking and see where it takes them.

He said his father died in October 2019 and while the mum was grieving, he was there for her.

“She started telling me how grateful she was and that she’ll reward me after her cleansing,” he said.

He said he didn’t think of anything sexual because he had always looked at the woman as his mother.

“But after her cleansing, she told me she thinks her husband would be happy if she kept her punani in the family,” he said.

Stunned, he told her it wouldn’t feel right, but then she started chasing his girlfriends away whenever they came.

“She told me I’m not going to have any girlfriends under her roof.”

He said she had attempted other ways of getting him to poke her.

“She has already walked into the living room completely naked and has invaded my bedroom wearing lingerie,” he said.

“I won’t lie, I’ve been tempted but I won’t do it because of my father’s beautiful memory.”

He said at first he masturbated when she left his room.

“But now it just annoys me,” he said.

He said he called a family meeting but it didn’t help.

“She didn’t deny that she was into me. She said maybe keeping it in the family wasn’t such a bad idea,” he said.

His uncle (51) said he liked the stepmum and he was hoping they would start a relationship.

“Keeping it in the family is okay but mshana is not interested so we can’t force him,” he said.

Speaking to Daily Sun, the stepmum (41) said she had always liked how well mannered her stepson was.

She said she didn’t have any feelings for him when her husband was still alive, but that had changed.

“He’s loving, caring and handsome. I really feel like his father would be proud if we did this.”

She also made it clear she was not interested in any other family member.

Her friend (42) said the stepmum must really liked the young man.

“But she should see the amazing men who are out there waiting for her. I hope there will be a solution soon because this is tiring,” she said.

The son said he was unemployed and his father left the house for both of them so it wouldn’t be right for him to leave his home.

– Dailysun

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