He inserted cow dung up my butt & had sex with me in front of his wife; Church members expose pastor


She decided to visit the pastor after hearing that the pastor helped people with all kinds of problems.

One day she visited him in Hammanskraal, Tshwane, with the hope he would help her find a job.

But she got a mixture of cow dung, sugar and blue soap stuffed up her butt!

Instead of praying for her to get a job, the pastor told her she had womb cancer and needed to be cured immediately.

Then he performed this shocking act upon her.

That was three years ago. Since then, the 30-year-old has been in excruciating pain.

Speaking to Daily Sun the woman said things got so bad for her she was forced to move back to Mahikeng in the North West.

“When I approached the pastor after I heard he helped people with all sorts of problems, I thought my worries would go away.

“I expected him to pray for me to get a job, but instead he told me I had womb cancer and needed to be cured immediately,” she said.

On the day the mixture was inserted in her buttocks, the woman, who didn’t want to be named, said the pastor gave her water to drink.

But she could not think straight afterwards.

“It was like I was hypnotised when one of his helpers inserted that mixture in my butt,” she said.

“It was painful, but she continued and ignored my cries.

“I was bleeding for a week and then the pastor told me to stop seeing my boyfriend,” she said.

She said she hasn’t been able to hold onto a relationship since and suspects the pastor might have used muthi on her.

However, she is not the only victim.

A woman, also from Hammanskraal, told revealed she thought the pastor would help her unleash her spiritual gift.

“I have always known I had a gift as I had visions.

“But I never had the chance to undergo training.

“I was referred to the pastor and he prophesied that my relationship with my partner would end and I needed to be his second wife,” she said.

The 48-year-old woman was also given water to drink and she also felt as if she was hypnotised.

“I would have weird dreams and the pastor would know about them. My life got messed up.

“I separated from my man after we were told not to be intimate.

“On the other hand, the pastor intended to sleep with me and did so in May last year in full view of his first wife,” she said.

“I felt drowsy after drinking the holy water and it is by grace that I managed to leave the church.”

Another Pretoria woman (43) said the pastor had a certain effect on her, but her car broke down every time they agreed to meet.

“I also had weird dreams and the pastor would call in the morning to talk about them. It’s like he knew everything about his church members,” she said.

Daily Sun tried to reach the pastor countless times, but both his phones were off for days.

Police spokesman Constable Herman Moremi said a rape case was opened against the pastor and the police were still taking statements from other victims.

“When all is done, the docket will be taken to court where it will be determined whether to arrest the suspect or not,” he said.

CRL Rights Commission spokesman Mpiyakhe Mkholo said they condemned the violation of the rights and dignity of people in any situation.

“The commission will investigate this matter and will engage with the victims further.

“We also appeal to all people whose rights or dignity have been violated either by religious or cultural leaders not to hide, but to come forward,” he told Daily Sun.

Obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr Hlengane Maluleke, said the woman who came to Daily Sun might be suffering from chronic pelvic pain caused by several reasons.

He said that an investigation needed to be done, where a camera could be inserted into her abdomen and a urologist or orthopaedic specialist might need to be consulted.

Traditional healer Majoko Hlongwane told the People’s Paper it was important for the victims to consult with a traditional healer as soon as possible.

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