I can't have sex anymore – Woman's plan to lock hubby's side chick punani backfires


She was tired of her husband’s cheating, but didn’t want to leave him.

So she came up with a plan to deal with him and his nyatsi, by locking her punani.


The unfortunate woman believes she has locked her own punani.

And now her husband does not even want to touch her.

The frustrated 37-year-old mother of four from Siyabuswa, Mpumalanga is now looking for help.

She told Daily Sun she came up with her plan in August last year when her husband of 16 years started coming home tired.

She said they no longer poked as much as they used to.

“My husband loves sex, so I knew something was wrong. I asked if he was cheating again and he got defensive and angry.

“This is how he reacts when he’s cheating.

“I don’t want to lose my husband, so I visited a sangoma from Kwaggafontein in January,” she said.

She said the sangoma did some things in her indumba and also gave her some muthi to bath with.

A week later, the woman initiated a poke with her husband, but things didn’t go according to her plan.

“I set up a nice dinner with candles and wore lingerie, which he can’t resist. But to my surprise, it didn’t have any effect on him.

“In fact, his p3nis fell when he we tried to poke. He said it was probably because he had a long day at work,” she said.

The husband then booked a weekend away so they could have some alone time.

But again, his p3nis fell when they tried to poke.

“We kept trying when we returned home, but nothing worked. I could see that my husband was disgusted with me,” she said.

The woman returned to the sangoma, who told her the nyatsi also used muthi to protect herself, which is why the wife’s muthi backfired.

She said she cleansed her, but it didn’t work.

“Instead, my husband has completely stopped trying to poke me.

“My marriage is falling apart and I can’t let this happen. I really need help,” she said.

The woman’s aunt (51) said she warned her to leave the man a while ago.

“I knew he was a player, but she thought she could change him. I don’t like him at all and wish she had locked his p3nis instead of trying to lock the nyatsi,” she said.

The sangoma said she suspected this could only be reversed by the nyatsi.

“All I know is that this nyatsi is using a very powerful muthi, which will be very hard to remove,” she said.

Daily Sun couldn’t get comment from the nyatsi or the husband as he doesn’t know about the muthi.

– Dailysun

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