Gigi Lamayne hijacked – Jumps from moving car – They wanted to rape me (VIDEO)


Rapper Genesis "Gigi Lamayne" Manney has revealed that she and her team were hijacked on Wednesday night.

The rapper shocked her thousands of Twitter followers when she revealed that she jumped out of the moving vehicle with her phone in her hands during a hijacking that seemingly occurred just after 10pm.

Although it "wasn't the safest thing to do", Lamayne believes she had no other choice but to run away.

While seemingly still in a frantic state, in a tweet, Lamayne urged her followers to be on the lookout for their 2019 Hyundai H1 and shared its license plate number.

A couple of hours later the rapper gave an updated that the vehicle had been found.

In a video shared on her Twitter account, an overly excited Lamayne expressed joy that their vehicle was found. She can be heard saying: “Guys, the power of God. The power of ancestors. The car was found and they thought that they were taking out the tracker," she said.

"We literally found the damn car. If this is not my ancestors and God, I don’t know what this is… the tracker people were used by my ancestors to find this car.”

Detailing her horrific experience, the rapper shared how she had also feared being violated.


“He wanted to rape me as punishment for throwing my phone into the bush. Take the car broer. Just leave me intact.”

Despite her traumatic experience, Lamayne expressed how grateful she was that none of her team were hurt during the ordeal.

– Sowetan

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