Son robs parents at gun point, Buys expensive sneakers with the money


A 19-year-old teenager held up his parents at gunpoint and robbed them just to get money to buy expensive sneakers he loved so much.

His love of expensive bling got the better of him when on Friday at about 9pm, the suspect named Kagiso, from west of Joburg, teamed up with his friend and went to his adoptive parents’ home.

Their faces covered in balaclavas, they stormed into the house with guns, demanding money.

But the son made a bad mistake. The minute he opened his mouth to demand money, his parents recognised his voice.

“How could you do this to us?” his mother shouted.

But the two teens carried on and tied the father with a belt.

They started to search the tied-up man and took his wallet with R1 000, his Sassa card and driver’s licence. They also took three cellphones.

They locked the parents in the bedroom and left with the house keys.

The mum opened the door with the spare key and they alerted the cops.

Captain Solomon Sibiya said the suspect will appear in court soon.

“No one was injured,” he said.

“The suspect’s father (73) said he was in the study when he heard his lounge door being opened and went to check.

“He was surprised by two unknown suspects in black clothes armed with guns.

“As one of the suspects warned him not to scream he recognised his son’s voice.”

When his mother challenged him, he said: “I’m here to take what I want. Leave me alone and shut up!”

On their way out the suspects took a bunch of keys. No shots were fired, said the cop spokesman.

The parents woke up in the morning and went to Kagiso Police Station to lay charges.

“The two suspects, including the son, were bust,” said Sibiya.

The suspect’s mother told Daily Sun they’re hurt and disappointed.

“He likes expensive things and to impress his friends.

“He loves being a skhothane but we never thought he’d do this to us.”

She said the suspect used to steal from her and he once stole her bank card and spent R16 000 going out with friends and buying expensive clothes.

“He’s dangerous. How can he rob us, his own parents?” asked the mother.

“I don’t want him here again. He must stay with other relatives. We suspect he was also into drugs.”

She said they bought him a watch for R3 000. But he messed up by being greedy.

“We were going to give him the watch the same day he robbed us,” said the worried mother (70).

The son has already appeared in court and will make his second appearance in the Kagiso Magistrates Court soon.

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