Gay tokoloshe rapes every Ekurhuleni church member, including the prophet himself


ONE BY one, through prayer, the prophet claimed he had chased a sex-loving tokoloshe away from the congregants.

He even sprinkled holy water on everybody in church – but forgot himself.

And so the prophet claims the seemingly sex-starved gay tokoloshe is now raping him!

Now Prophet Zimba Zungu from Buhle Park, Ekurhuleni goes to the veld every day to pray for the tokoloshe he believes is in him to go away.

Prophet Zimba told Daily Sun that on Sundays, they pray for the sick before they close.

“When I was praying for Godfrey Hadebe (47), I realised he was troubled by a tokoloshe,” he claimed.

“I prayed for him using holy water and two weeks later, Godfrey said he was able to sleep. He was no longer being poked at night.”

But then, congregant Bongani Mkhonza (38) told Zimba he had just started being troubled.

“When I prayed for him, I saw that it was the same tokoloshe from Godfrey. It jumped to Bongani.”

He prayed for Bongani and when that worked, Musa Sotobe (42) started being troubled.

“That’s when I realised the tokoloshe didn’t want to go away,” he said.

“I prayed hard and sprinkled holy water onto everyone at the church.”

He claimed they were all saved and no one came complaining about torture.

Everyone in the church was happy and trusted the Prophet’s holy water and the prophet was happy.

But his happiness was short-lived.

He said on Thursday, he started being troubled by the same tokoloshe.

“Just like with every member of the church it went to, it came at night and poked me.”

He said the poking happened all night and he was exhausted during the day. “It would only leave when the sun was rising,” he said.

“I remembered I had sprinkled the holy water onto every church member except myself.”

He then prayed and sprinkled the holy water on himself, but the tokoloshe never left. He prayed some more but still nothing changed.

“I am still haunted. It’s like the tokoloshe comes back more powerful every time.”

He said he goes to the veld to pray every day, with the hope that after sprinkling the holy water after the prayers, the gay tokolosge will stay behind in the veld.”

“But it keeps coming back. I will keep going to the veld with the hope that one day it will go.”

The prophet of the South African Wisdom Church of God suspected that someone might have sent the tokoloshe to destroy his church.

“I don’t know why someone would do that. We are not a big church. We are not serious competition.”

Sangoma Jabulani Mthimunye agreed: “It’s true. The tokoloshe was sent by someone who doesn’t want to see that church grow. It could be another prophet who wants the people to leave his church.”

All the victims confirmed they were cured of the little creature after the prophet had prayed for them using the holy water.“I wish he gets healed just like he healed me,” said Godfrey.

His life was starting to be miserable because of the torture, until the prophet assisted him and the haunting ended. “Today, I sleep like a baby. I am free. I hope he becomes free too.”

– Dailysun

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