The Rise of Online Gaming Industry during the Pandemic


Talk of the Coronavirus and everyone in the entire world will start talking about how days became longer with no work, lockdowns, scare, and depression, for the fear of the unknown. If you were lucky enough to still have your job during the pandemic, you probably were or still are working from home. The pandemic either turned your home into just a cage or a haven while awaiting normalcy to resume. The enemy is still amongst us. You can’t eat out, go out to your favorite casino or have as much fun as you used to before. The good news is that when the pandemic set in, the gaming industry stakeholders got off their comfort zones to provide better gaming options for you from the comfort of your home. Land-based gambling and gaming establishments may have closed down, but that hasn’t stopped us from gaming.

Mobile gaming has seen its better days since the pandemic began. For this reason, more people from all over the globe are gaming both for fun to kill time during the long days and to win real cash in casinos. Speaking of cash, gaming from the best real money casinos has provided a means of earning some easy money. Like any other risk, placing wagers on these casinos requires you to stake, and who knows? You might turn your last dollar into a thousand dollars while having fun. Here are some other ways the pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for online gamers and the entire industry.

  •  Live gaming

We can all agree that playing your favorite games from a casino is fun. Land-based casinos are more social and a nice place to meet and make new friends. During the pandemic, all land-based gambling establishments got closed. Your safety comes first. Most online casinos launched live gaming options on their sites to give you a gaming experience that felt better or close to playing from a real-life casino. You get to interact with a live casino dealer who engages you as you play.

In a live game, the outcomes get determined using real cards, unlike in the usual online gaming where a Random number generator determines whether you win or not. A large of punters have problems trusting the randomness of RNGs. Live gaming provided the assurance punters needed that games are not rigged. As a result, more punters signed into online casinos for live gaming options.

  • App and Mobile gambling

Playing from a mobile phone is fun and even better when you don’t have to search for your best online casino using a URL. Mobile gambling is one of the greatest contributors to increased gaming activities during the pandemic. As more people lost their jobs and had more time to spend at home not working, gaming provided a solution for killing time. Thousands started gambling from the comfort of their homes using personal computers and smartphones.

More people also prefer gaming from casino apps where they add details just once, and they are good to go. The increased penetration of mobile phones and internet services in most regions of the world made it possible for punters to keep gaming, and for most, find a new hobby. In Kenya, for instance, there were numerous subsidized data offers for learners and businesses from the government and mobile phone service providers. Getting relief from purchasing education bundles meant one thing, more data for play.

  1. E-Wallet gambling

The use of e-wallets is also another reason that caused a rise in online gambling and gaming activities. During the pandemic, you either had to stay indoors, or even when you could still go out and run a few errands, they were restricted to just the essential, or you were too scared to catch the virus. More punters found it more convenient to use their e-wallets to pay for gambling services and receive their winnings.

It is easy to load cash into your e-wallet, and you don't have to take trips to the bank to do so. With payment made easier, more people loved online gambling. For instance, those using PayPal as their payment option could receive their winnings easily. Punters from Kenya, especially discovered how convenient it was to get their winnings direct into their M-Pesa accounts from e-wallets. No more trips to the bank.

With all processes available online, gaming was made much easier. Gambling became less of a hustle and more of fun. When the Coronavirus first hit, we got advised to use cashless payment methods to avoid spreading it through money. E-wallets were the best options not only for gamblers but also for other industries.

  • Augmented and Virtual Realities

Remember how sports leagues all over the world got canceled due to the pandemic? Well, not all punters love casino games. Sports gamblers almost lost it with no more matches to place wagers on.  Augmented and Virtual reality ushered in a new era in the gaming industries. We didn’t have to wait to have a live match. Punters started betting on simulated sports and had fun doing it. The wheel kept rolling until major tournaments resumed. Even with live sporting events taking place, many punters still enjoy virtual reality. Besides, you can play with your friends from wherever they are and feel like they were right beside you.

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