My boyfriend is demanding to see me having sex with other guys, should I do so?

Dear Auntie, I don’t know if my boyfriend is just more adventurous than me, or if he is a sicko.

He says he wants to watch while I get it on with other lovers.

I told him he can forget about it, but then he went on to explain why. 

Auntie, he says it is because he has a problem with his confidence in bed. 

Apparently, his previous girlfriend was a real piece of work who was just cruel and heartless, and left him emotionally wrecked. 

She also apparently dissed him about his body and skill between the sheets.

Now he says while he does want to have sex with me, he might not be able to perform, and thinks he would get a boost of confidence if he saw me with other people first.

Am I being weird for not wanting to do this? 

He already worked out a plan for how we do this.

He says we must go to the clubs and pretend to be only friends. 

So while I can go and try and pick up guys, he will stay sober, keep an eye on me and my bag, and then at the end of the night offer to drive me and my one-night stand home. 

Then while we go off to bed, my boyfriend wants to sneak a peek.

I don’t understand why everything has to be so complicated, why can’t we simply work all of this out in bed ourselves?

Now I’m worried that if I refuse, he will dump me. What must I do?

- From Unsatisfied in Khaya.

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