Ramaphosa must lead by example and take vaccine first – Mixed feelings as Covid-19 vaccine lands


Today is an important day in the country’s fight against Covid-19 as we receive vaccine from India.

The virus has killed tens of thousands of people. Mpho Koka spoke to people about what the arrival of the vaccine means to them.

Philabadane Mluma, 30, from Alexandra, Johannesburg, said: “I am aware that the vaccine is arriving tomorrow [today] and I am happy that the government has found a vaccine. I am going to take the vaccine for the sake of my health and safety.

“They [government] have been promising us time and time again that the vaccine is coming. I happy that it is finally here.”

Thembelani Moyo, 33, also from Alexandra, said: “I am aware that the vaccine is arriving and I am happy that it is because I want to take it.” Packson Mutepe, 45, from Diepsloot, Johannesburg, said:” I am aware of the vaccine landing in SA tomorrow [today] and I hope it will help people and keep them alive.

Covid-19 is real and is killing us. If there is a vaccine that can save us, then I am happy. Let it come and I will take it myself.”

Edward Tloubatla, 30, a merchandiser from Diepsloot, said: “The president [Cyril Ramaphosa] should be the first one to take the vaccine. Before vaccinating ordinary members of the community, officials from the health department should bring Ramaphosa here [Diepsloot] and vaccinate him in front of us while we are watching him and not on TV. Afterwards, we will take the vaccine.”

Elias Mabunda, 44, a self-employed carpenter from Diepsloot, said: “I saw in the news that the vaccine is arriving. I think the vaccine is going to help us because a lot of people are dying.

“I will only take the vaccine if I see other people who have taken it are fine afterwards.” Silas Mohale, 30, a maintenance worker from Diepsloot, said: “I wasn’t aware that the vaccine is arriving tomorrow [today]. “I don’t feel okay that the vaccine is coming. I won’t be taking it. I feel like the vaccine will make a lot of people sick. It is better they leave us to live the way we have been living by wearing our masks.”

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