Jealous Limpopo man asks HAWKS to investigate his cop wife after she suddenly became rich


Husband alleges the woman is having an affair with a top local ANC official and claims she has splashed cash on a car, expensive clothes and holidays across the country

A Limpopo man has asked the police’s elite unit, the Hawks, to investigate how his wife was gifted large sums of money and went on holidays with a well-known ANC member in the province.

The 51-year-old man deposed an affidavit with the SA Police Service (SAPS) in which he requested the police to investigate the source of the money that his wife, a warrant officer in the SAPS, allegedly brought to their home in plastic bags.

“I believe that this woman is captured in very serious corruption activities with ANC officials. The deals are so serious that she is even forced to sacrifice her marriage, husband and kids, who are now suffering the consequences of her corrupt activities,” reads the man’s affidavit.

“Around March 2017, my wife received a large amount of money, about R250 000. She would come home with the money in separate plastic bags and ask me to take her to town at about 7pm to deposit the money at an FNB ATM,” reads part of the affidavit.

The man, whose name is known to City Press, said he got suspicious about the source of the money.

“I asked my wife where the money was [coming] from and my wife’s response was that the money is her cash bonus from her employer, the SAPS … On April 22 2017, my wife bought a Hyundai Veloster with cash.”

He said his wife “swiped R341 000” for the car. “Out of suspicion, I asked my wife again where the money was [coming] from and the answer was that it was a cash bonus from SAPS.

“Since my wife bought this car, she never drove it and it was kept in the garage for four years, hence the mileage is still below 20 000 to date. It was only driven by myself with my kids and I was wondering why.

“Since my wife received the money, her life changed completely. She started buying expensive clothes and hiding them from me. She was attending night parties and started visiting Durban, Gauteng and Cape Town every third month for fun.

“I did not know who was paying the costs for all this because it was not me. She started spending time in hotels, lodges and guests houses,” the affidavit further states.

The man also alleges that his wife’s conduct changed and she started abusing him, their domestic worker and their children.

“I called a family meeting and my wife told our families she was taking medication as she was suffering from a migraine. We attended therapy and my wife quit.

“I tried [to use] the SAPS wellness [programme] since my wife is a police [officer]. They called her in, but my wife refused to visit them and also signed the denial form,” he states.

That was when he started his own investigation, gathering information from her friend.

“Her friend told me that my wife is being eaten [bothered] by the corrupt activities she has been involved in since 2016.

“Her friend told me that there is an ANC official who gave my wife R250 000 in March 2017, but did not know what the deal was.

“Her friend told me that, after getting the money, she advised her to start a business, but my wife told her that she wanted to buy a car instead.

“Her friend told me that my Range Rover was burnt in June 2016 because of the same corruption deals between my wife and the same ANC official because there was a fight between the two. The private investigator also confirmed that my car was burnt by an unknown person,” the affidavit reads.

He adds that he discovered that most of the trips to Durban and Cape Town were sponsored by the same ANC official.

I believe that this woman is captured in very serious corruption activities with ANC officials. The deals are so serious that she is even forced to sacrifice her marriage

“Her friend told me that she is getting the money for all the expensive clothes she is buying from the same guy. Her friend told me that my surprise birthday party hosted on March 16 2017 was financed by the same guy, with a plan to close my eyes and stop asking [questions].

“I also had a meeting with Soviet Lekganyane [former ANC provincial secretary], who promised to help me as there is an ANC official involved.

“I am still waiting for his call or feedback. But, [based] on the evidence I presented to him, he mentioned that [because] of the things he heard about the same ANC official, he suspects that this can be money from VBS [Mutual Bank],” he writes.

He claims that, when he asked his wife to come with him to confront the ANC official, she refused and said she was afraid he would kill her for exposing him.

“I got a tip-off that the same ANC official is telling friends that he is going to build her a double-storey house for her family. I want the Hawks to investigate this matter and my wife’s financial status from December 2015 to date, and give me feedback [so I] know what my future is.”

The man confirmed the affidavit was authentic, but said his lawyers were against the details of his statement to the police being published.

Hawks spokesperson Hangwani Mulaudzi told City Press yesterday that he had “escalated the inquiry to the relevant office and it will only be looked at sometime next week”.

Efforts to reach the wife for comment were unsuccessful.

– Citypress

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