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Beautiful Cape Town woman (23) shocked as extremely sex-starved man sends jars full of sperms (PIC)


A young woman says she’s been left traumatised after a stranger sent her photos of three jars allegedly containing his semen.

Kaylin Rispel, 23, from Bellville, Cape Town, has been the victim of online harassment and cyber bullying for years.

Even though she has changed her profile settings to private, one harasser keeps finding ways to reach her, even contacting family members.

Kaylin says the drama started in 2015, when the Daily Voice interviewed her, and hasn’t stopped as strangers keep sending her kaalgat photos of their genitals and vuil messages.

She says the latest incident has freaked her out completely, as a man who has been stalking her for years, sent her a picture of his sperm in jars, saying he has been keeping it for her “for when they finally meet”.

“I have never responded to any of his messages,” Kaylin tells Daily Voice.

“I could not fall asleep the other night and ended up reading my DMs (direct messages) when I saw the messages and the picture.

“I felt disgusted and I feel violated. I have been dealing with these kinds of harassment for years, but knowing that someone is storing their semen ‘for me’ takes the cake."

Since 2015 she’s decided to take back her power and has been exposing every single person who has sent her an unsolicited kaalgat picture or videos.

In 2015, the Daily Voice published a story about a salesman who stole Kaylin’s holiday pictures and used them for advertising without her permission.

She has tried blocking them, but it does not really work.

“They are always able to message you from a different account. I have made my account private and even then I received messages,” she says.

On Wednesday, she blocked the semen stalker, who then approached her sister and asked her to pass a message.

“He asked that I unblock him and he will do anything (for me),” she says.

The man’s Instagram profile says he is a musician based in Ethiopia. It also says he is from Cape Town.

On his YouTube channel there are no pictures of him, just sounds of him playing the guitar.

He did not respond to Daily Voice messages posted on his social media profiles.

Kaylin says she’s even tried reporting the man to police: “I have been to the police before with videos and they did nothing. It was always “the cyber bullying” department could do nothing because nothing had happened to me yet.”

Police spokesman Colonel Andre Traut says: “Circumstances will dictate what crime is being committed and depending on what has been posted on social media platforms, a criminal offence will be formulated.

“Any person who is of the opinion that his or her rights or dignity were violated on social media can approach SAPS to report the incident.”

The retail worker, who is also a journalism student, says cyber sexual harassment is real.

“It’s sad that sexual harassment over social media isn’t taken seriously until it turns physical.

“It is made fun of and that’s the kind of behaviour that makes victims hesitant to speak out.

“Also, it encourages the perpetrators to continue their behaviour and their sick stalking.”

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