Mzansi man (47) who loved beer so much dies from alcohol withdrawal


With the lockdown in its second week in South Africa since its implementation on the 27th of March 2020 as announced by the President.

A 47 year old man allegedly dies at Gamatswi village Bolobedu of alcohol withdrawal .Close friends of the deceased say that the 47 year old had stocked up alcohol for the lockdown .His stock ran out on Good Friday the 10th of April.

The 47 year old alergedly woke up on the Saturday the 11th of April after drinking up the last of his alcohol in celebration of the Easter weekend ,were he woke up to an empty storage .


The 47 year old man with a hangover despite the lockdown regulations he went out of his home to try and find alcohol to help with his hangover to no success .It was around 2pm when he finally gave up ,but the withdrawal had already reached its critical stage .

The man started shivering and couldn't eat to regain his energy because food wouldn't stay down that is when the man collapsed to his death .

This occured around 14:30 pm on Saturday 11th of April ,when the man passed away .At Gamatswi village in Bolobedu Gamodjadji .

The community is shocked at his sudden death because he was a good man who loved his bottle and his family .

Though the lockdown is necessary to contain the spread of the virus covid19 the community thinks that the regulations were not properly thought through as lives and business are getting the raw end of the stick .

With the lockdown increased by two more weeks the community of Bolobedu with zero cases of covid19 cases urges the coronavirus command centre to re-evaluate the lockdown rules as things are yet to get worse .

– Operanews

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