ANC MP Boy Mamabolo who beat up his mother-in-law knocks out sister-in-law's front teeth with a brick


– Mamabolo’s wife’s cousin alleges the MP used a brick

– Mamabolo claims she’s part of a sponsored political campaign against him

Controversial ANC MP Boy Mamabolo is accused by the cousin of his wife of knocking out her two front teeth with a brick after an argument.

Kgaugelo Boshomane of Seshego in Limpopo lodged a complaint of assault against Mamabolo on October 15 2015 at Seshego police station.

Mamabolo also lodged a complaint of assault against her at the same police station after Boshomane apparently hurled a brick at him that hit and damaged his car.

Boshomane said she and Mamabolo withdrew the cases after he promised to buy false teeth for her.

The explosive tidbits came to the fore this week when Mamabolo circulated a voice clip of the conversation he had had with Boshomone in which she alleged that EFF leader Julius Malema and the party provincial leader, Jossie Bothane, paid her R50 000 to fuel the allegation that Mamabolo was a women abuser.

In an exclusive interview with Sunday World in Thokoza, Ekurhuleni, Boshomane alleged that she went to “Beachfront” in Polokwane with Mamabolo and her other cousin, Manku Maraba, to talk about their differences.

“After ironing out our differences, he started hitting on Maraba’s friend. I then told him to stop what he was doing because he was already dating my other cousin, Kgomotso Malotane, whom he has since married,” she said.

Boshomane alleged that when the argument got heated they asked him to drop them off in Seshego Zone 1.

“The argument continued there. He then pushed me against a house wall, grabbed a brick and hit me several times on my face with it until I lost my two front teeth. I also sustained serious injuries to my face.”

Boshomane said when Mamabolo got into his car to leave, she quickly grabbed the same brick and hurled it at him.

“I don’t know if the brick hit him but it definitely hit and damaged his vehicle,” she said.

Boshomane also alleged that she went to Seshego police station where the police gave her a J88 form and asked her to go to Seshego hospital where she was treated and discharged later.

“I went to Seshego police station and opened a case against him. He was arrested and detained. While there, he also opened a case against me and I was arrested and detained.”

She alleged that Mamabolo approached her at the police station and proposed that they both drop the charges, which was done when they officially appeared at the Seshego magistrate’s court, and promised to buy her false teeth.

“This man is married to my cousin so it was not in my interest to see him go to jail because I considered him part of my family. But he disappeared without buying me the false teeth.”

Boshomane alleged Mamabolo only resurfaced three weeks ago and asked her and her husband to drive to Polokwane so that his doctor could take measurements for her false teeth.

She explained: “That was after the mother of his child, Magdeline Makgatho, went public about the alleged abuse she suffered at his hands. He then asked me if I was approached by anyone to go public about what happened.

“I then lied to him by saying Julius Malema and Jossie Buthane gave me R50 000 to go public about the incident so that he could expedite the process of buying me the false teeth.

“I also told him to find me a job but he said he had no influence. Little did I know that he was recording our conversation and circulated it to my friends and relatives to make it look like I was blackmailing him into giving me money.

“I’m now seeking legal advice on the matter. In fact, I want to reopen the case here and ask the police to transfer it to Seshego so that I can clear my name.” Mamabolo vehemently denied that he bludgeoned Boshomane with a brick and knocked out her teeth, and that she damaged his car with a brick. He also denied that Boshomane laid a complaint of assault against him and that he made a similar complaint against her.

“I have never opened a case against her. Nothing like that ever happened. I don’t know, maybe she opened a case against me, I wouldn’t know,” he said, adding that Boshomane was used by political rivals to tarnish his name.

But Limpopo police spokesman Moatshe Ngoepe confirmed that Boshomane and Mamabola both lodged complaints of assault against each other but later withrew them.


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