'He ruined my life' – Dentist cuts Durban man's mouth open Joker style while extracting a tooth


‘This doctor ruined my life' Durban man accuses dentist of cutting his mouth open

“I do feel I am normal. I will never be the same again, this doctor ruined my life,” said a Durban man who recently got his mouth ripped open during a tooth extraction procedure.
Ntokozo Mchunu (26) told DRUM that his life had been ruined, and that now he suffers from lack of confidence in himself and self-esteem due to poor workmanship at the hands of the doctor. He said the procedure that was meant to ease his pain from a toothache have left him in a bad state.
Speaking to DRUM the man said he had terrible toothache since August and decided to visit a dentist.
“I went to Poly Clinic in KwaMashu twice for help, but I was sent back because they didn’t have anaesthetic injection to numb the area where the tooth was to be removed. I was in so much pain, I would cry like a baby every night,” he said.
He explained that when he couldn’t bear the pain any longer, he decided to see a private doctor, Dr MS Moola, based in KwaMashu.
“I went there on 16 October and I paid R190 for pain medication and I was told to come back after five days. There was a boil underneath the affected tooth,” he narrated.
However, all hell broke loose when he returned on 22 October, and he got more than what he bargained for. He regretted ever wanting to have the tooth that gave him sleepless nights removed.
“I’ve never been in so much pain in my life. I felt everything that was happening in my mouth. His hand was inside my mouth and I could feel the forceps grinding my tooth in pieces,” he said.
Ntokozo claimed that when the dentist finished, he was given a mirror and he couldn’t look twice at his mouth, which was in tatters.
“I was shocked to see my mother in that state. It didn’t look like my mouth. I couldn’t believe it,” he said.
He confronted the dentist about the poor craftsmanship, but Dr Moola allegedly blamed Ntokozo’s mouth for being too small.
“He said my mouth was too small that’s why the procedure didn’t go well,” said Ntokozo.
To make matters worse, Ntokozo, who lives on piece jobs, said he was told to pay R300 to have his mouth stitched up.
“I was sent to another doctor who stitched me up, but I am no longer the same. I couldn’t eat for weeks and survived on liquids like juice and porridge,” he added.
He revealed that because of the way his mouth now looks, he lost self confidence.
“I don’t feel like I am normal. I am still in pain, this doctor ruined my life. I will never be the same again,” he said.
Speaking to Drum Dr Moola confirmed that Ntokozo’s mouth got damaged during the procedure.
“It wasn’t intentional, his mouth was too small that’s why it got cut while trying to root out his tooth,” he said.
Meanwhile, the doctor refuted Ntokozo's claim that he make him pay for the mistake to be fixed.
“That’s not true. I covered the cost to have another doctor stitch him up. But he can come back to the surgery to examine the damage,” Dr Moola said.

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