Mother-in-law (52) pulls a shocker, dishes out free sex to daughter-in-law's relatives as revenge


THE MAMAZALA never liked the idea that her daughter-in-law stole her only son.

So she allegedly threatened to take revenge by poking the makoti’s relatives, one after the other. The makoti claims she’s started already – and she’s not done!

Gloria Moyo (52) single-handedly raised her only son and she was proud of him. But then he met the woman of his dreams and got married – and that’s when the trouble started.


According to her daughter-in-law, Zandile Moyo from Rockville in Soweto, the mamazala vowed to poke all her relatives since she stole her only child.

“But I’ve had enough of her poking my relatives. She’s poked several of them in the past three years. She meets them when we have family gatherings, which she attends because she’s my mother-in-law,” claimed Zandile.

Zandile, a nurse, said she couldn’t take the mamazala’s poking revenge any longer.

“She never liked me from the first time her son introduced us. She always treated me badly,” claimed Zandile.

Zandile and her man got married after three years of dating and are now into their fourth year of marriage.

She claimed on the wedding day the mamazala had told her she’d pay for taking her son away from her.

“She said she’d poke my family members, one by one. I laughed because I thought she was joking,” she claimed.

A month after the wedding, she alleged, Gloria disappeared from a family gathering.

“I looked around and saw that uncle George was nowhere to be seen. I knew Gloria’s revenge was starting,” she claimed.

Mamazala Gloria said what she did with her sex life was not Zandile’s business. She admitted to Daily Sun she didn’t like Zandile and won’t allow her to take her son away.

“My son has been my pillar of strength all my life, but when this girl stepped in my son changed. I didn’t get the time I had with him before and that makes me angry. I don’t like her,” she claimed.

She said she’d poke whoever she wanted to. “I’ll stop the day she leaves my son alone,” she said.

Daily Sun spoke to the husband, who said he didn’t want to intervene in the fight between his mum and wife.

“I love them both and I won’t take sides. I don’t want to get involved, especially not in my mother’s sex life,” he said.

Uncle George Mthethwa (54), who claimed to have poked Gloria, said his niece must leave Gloria alone and focus on her marriage.

“Gloria is a grown woman and can do whatever she wants. If she comes around again, I’ll poke her again. We’re adults,” said George.

Zandile’s cousin Muzikayifani Mthethwa (37) claimed he poked the mamazala because she was single and he couldn’t resist the free poke offered to him after a few drinks at a family gathering last December.

“I’ve always known that they hated each other, but I didn’t know she came to me for revenge. Anyway, Gloria is old enough to make her own decisions,” said Muzikayifani.

– Dailysun

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