Cape Town nurse forces boyfriend's side chick to eat dog poo after having sex with him (VIDEO)


A Cape Town nurse is in the dogbox after she filmed herself forcing her boyfriend’s alleged side chick to eat dog poo as punishment for sleeping with him.

Angry Elsies River residents have reported nurse Elizabeth “Mimmie” Williams to the Health Department after she allegedly also moered the side chick, forced her to take abortion tablets and drew her blood to do an HIV test.

A video, which has gone viral on social media, shows Ivodene “Dienkie” van Niekerk, 28, being shouted at and forced to eat out of a big bag of faeces as the nurse hurls abuse at her.


She shouts: “Vriet! Ek gaan jou wys wat maak ek met n***ers. Daai is nie my k** nie; daai, is my hond se k**! Portia is next! Vat nog ’n stuk. Jy kan hulle uitkies… sag, hard, pap enige iets.

“My naam is Mimmie jy sê vir elke n*** ek sê vir Jubie as hy wil rond n*** dan moet hy my los. Hy wil nie, hy gaan nie rond n*** nie.”

In the video, which is just under four minutes long, Mimmie is also heard telling Dienkie that she has a sexually transmitted infection but that her HIV test is negative.

She then instructs the terrified vrou to go to a clinic.

At the end, she says: “Jubie, dit is Mimmie, jou vrou, hier. Jy vat nie vir my vir ’n n*** nie! Kyk hoe vriet jou n ***ers jou hond se k**.”

Dienkie tells the Daily Voice she has been humiliated and has opened a criminal case against Mimmie.

She says she was trapped inside the house and repeatedly beaten with a knobkierie and dog chain before eating the poo.

She says Mimmie sent two women to her house under false pretences and denies being a side chick.

“I know Jubie because he was a friend of my boyfriend, Durran Hendricks. Durran went to jail and Jubie would just klop aan,” she claims.

“Two months ago I gave in and had sex with him once, but she never caught us.

“On Friday, two girls came to my house and said there were people that need their nails and hair done, but I must come to them. I walked with them and then I saw Mimmie.”

Dienkie says Mimmie and her friends attacked her and held her captive in the house.

“She hit me and scratched me because of Jubie. Then she said she was looking for Portia. I am so naar and sick after eating that k** that I didn’t eat for two days.

“It was hard on the outside but soft inside. I am so skaam because everyone saw the videos.

“She took my blood and gave me two white tablets and I started bleeding the same day from my vagina. My aunty said it was abortion tablets.”

Neighbours say Mimmie posted the video as her WhatsApp status, but later removed it.

When the Daily Voice spoke to Mimmie, she denied being the woman in the video.

Residents have reported Mimmie, saying a nurse should not behave that way.

“Jubie n*** rond met almal en sy is ’n nurse by Tygerberg. Hoekom gee sy nie vir hom honde k** om te vriet nie?” said a woman, who asked not to be named.

Tygerberg Hospital spokesperson, Laticia Pienaar, confirms Mimmie works there, saying: “The alleged incident is being looked into first to establish the facts before we can respond.”

Source: Daily Voice

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