Devastated man exposes girlfriend on social media after finding out he took care of another man's baby


A man has taken to social media to share how he recently found out that he is not the father of his girlfriend's unborn child. He posted screenshots of the conversation showing how the devastating news was broken to him.

In the series of photos showing the conversation, Twitter user Nkosii's girlfriend explains that the child can't be his because of how far along she is in the pregnancy. She goes on to say that she will pay back all the money he contributed once she is able to. He went on to say: "What makes me sad is that she kept the secret and lied for 8 months . We already planned everything and she was nagging me that I’m not taking care of her and I was literally doing the best I could. Sending her all the money I got."

Although Mzansi social media users were sympathetic, many told him that he was lucky to have found out now before it's too late. Twitter user JarkkoHelenius said: "I wonder what made her change her mind about having you provide for the kid of the ex. Obviously she had this all planned out all along but something made her change her mind."


While Vendett34414357 said: "Dude, she told you, you didn't find yourself. Also, she told you before the baby was born = no real attachment to another human being. You're lucky. Thank God. Really. Be thankful."

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