Live election results: IEC says there's no evidence of 'double voting'


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Election results continue to trickle in as the last few voters' results are captured by the IEC. On Wednesday, millions of South Africans took to the polls to make their mark. Currently, the ANC is in the lead, followed by the DA and then the EFF.

10:51 AM Live election results : ANC drops below 50% in Gauteng The ANC has dropped to below 50% in the hotly contested Gauteng province but the EFF and DA can't celebrate just yet. The province has only captured 59.55% of results, with the ANC currently at 49.61%, the DA at 28.36% and the EFF at 13.96%

Live election results part 2: IEC says there's no evidence of 'double voting'

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Live election results : IEC says there's no evidence of 'double voting' According to the IEC, no evidence of double voting has been discovered. Mosotho Moepya, IEC Commissioner, said that while 20 arrests had been made for electoral fraud, some of those who had been arrested had in fact not voted at all. EFF national chairperson, Dali Mpofu, commented on the situation, saying that the allegations of double voting had the potential to discredit the elections.

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Live election results : DA set to retain WC,

ANC disappointed The Western Cape's final results for the elections are expected to be announced today and the DA looks set to retain power. With only 5% of the votes left to be counted for the region, the opposition party won't be going anywhere, but has suffered a decline since the last elections. The region's top two parties – the DA and ANC – have both dropped in support in comparision with the 2014 election.

Live election results part 2: ANC continues to lead

Faiez Jacobs, spokesman for the ANC in the area, says the party had hoped for better and were disappointed by the outcome: “The ANC has helped many communities on the Cape Flats who deal with issues of water and high tariffs. We still see people have voted for the DA.” Nevertheless, Jacobs says the ANC would now focus on being an effective opposition in the area.

9:04 AM Live election results : EFF set to be opposition party in 3 provinces

The EFF will retain its position as official opposition in the North West and Limpopo provinces and seems set to replace the DA in Mpumalanga. The party's national chairperson, Dali Mpofu, says that the party is pleased to retain their position in the provinces, but with the vote count rising, things stand to change: “We are the official opposition in North West and we would be happy to retain that position. But it’s still early days. We could still do better than that in these provinces.”

Live election results part 2: ANC continues to lead
The red berets managed to secure 18.59% in the North West province, and 14.35% in the Limpopo province, as things currently stand.

Live election results part 2: ANC continues to lead

Yesterday, the EFF and DA had been neck-and-neck for the opposition in Mpumalanga but Julius Malema has managed to secure a firm lead in the meantime.

Live election results part 2: ANC continues to lead
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Live election results part 2: ANC in lead, DA declines, EFF and FF+ grow

With just under 25% of the counting left to go until the election results are finalised, the ANC and DA are expected to retain their positions as the two leading political parties. However, with lower percentages than previous elections, the two parties have both definitely suffered in the process. The EFF however, has enjoyed substantial growth since the previous elections, with a good chance the party will overtake the DA as the opposition party in three provinces. The FF+ has lost it's position in 4th place to the IFP, but the party has definitely surprised South Africans with their success.
Live election results part 2: ANC continues to lead
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75.63% of votes captured so far

On Friday morning, 75.63% of the votes were captured. The ANC was still in the lead, with 57.21% of the voters' share, followed by the DA, with 21.81% and the EFF with 10.09%. 17 339 of the 22 925 voting districts' votes have been captured so far. 75.63% of the votes have been captured so far.Live election results part 2: ANC continues to lead

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