Female sangoma stole my penis: Married woman breathes fire


For two long years, Luleka struggled because her husband’s penis refused to wake up. Finally they found a sangoma who gave him new energy in the bedroom.

But then the sangoma kept the fixed penis for herself! Luleka Khangelani (38) from Wattville, Ekurhuleni is hurt and frustrated. Her husband of 13 years is having an affair with the sangoma who fixed his erection problem. Luleka said when her husband’s problems started two years ago, she worked hard as him to get help.

“We went up and down, looking for help, but the problem was never solved and our bed remained an icy battlefield,” she said.

But then the sangoma healed her husband without any hassles. And she found herself sharing her husband with a hot sangoma!

“I should have known,” said angry Luleka. “We had been looking for help for a long time and suddenly the problem was solved. Her muthi must have been strong, but she did other things to my husband,” said Luleka.

She told Daily Sun her husband wouldn’t stop visiting the sangoma.

“He said he wanted to repay her with kindness for what she’d done. I was okay with it for a week, but then he started going to her at night,” said Luleka. “My husband made me feel like I was the one who was crazy. He didn’t deny or admit anything. He told me I was selfish and that this woman had saved our marriage.”

She said she loved her husband but she wasn’t willing to share him.

“I want the sangoma to leave my man alone. Not that I’m insecure but I’m realistic. If this thing becomes a habit I may lose him forever.” She said her husband sees no problem with what’s going on.

“All he does is laugh at me. I’m tired. Someone needs to talk him out of this rubbish dream,” said Luleka.

Luleka’s husband told Daily Sun he was not prepared to be named. He said he was just appreciating her.

“I’m not rich. If I had it, I would probably give this woman a fortune, but all I can provide is my kindness. She saved my manhood and I’m just trying to show some appreciation,” he said. “My wife needs to calm down, I’m still her husband and I love her.”

Daily Sun tried to call the sangoma but she didn’t answer her phone.

– Dailysun

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