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Free Punani: South African singer Moonchild Sanelly to perform stark naked on her next show


Moonchild Sanelly is planning to celebrate her birthday with a one-of-a-kind performance… in her birthday suit!

Just to clear up any confusion, the singer is planning on performing in the nude.

On one hand, this isn’t entirely surprising. Moonchild is one of the most sexually liberated performers in the country and has never been shy to have open conversations about her body and sexuality. On the other hand, with South Africa being such a conservative nation, this isn’t exactly something we hear (or read) about every week. Oh, she won’t be the only one who’s naked either!

The singer will mark her birthday this month by launching a new Naked Club in Johannesburg on the 20th of November, and her punani will be free for all to see and marvel.

Not only will she be performing in the nude, but her guests will be required to be naked too. In order to protect everybody’s privacy, no cameras or members of the media will be allowed to attend the launch of the club.

Speaking to isiZulu publication, Isolezwe, Moonchild said: “People who will be at the party will be club members who have… confirmed their attendance. You can’t just pitch up. There will be no cameras or cell phones permitted into the venue”

Moonchild insists that her venue will not be a brothel where individuals will be selling sex, but rather it will be a safe space where you can either bring a partner or find one and engage in consensual sex.

She also hopes her new venue will encourage people to explore their sexual identity
“I want people to be proud of having sex, and stop being afraid of it. There will be a room where they can go and have sex in private but there will be no problem if they want to do it with everyone watching.

“You can come with your partner or find one at the club. No one will be allowed to touch or kiss someone without their permission. Those who break the rules will be forcefully escorted out of the venue.”

The reaction to this news has been mixed. Many people are perplexed at how this will play out, however, a few naturists (or would-be naturists) have expressed their excitement at the possibility of attending such an event:

– All4women

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