Skeem Saam blesser Macks Papo says he will never allow his own daughter to date a blesser


Veteran actor Macks Papo plays the role of blesser Marothi on Skeem Saam but said he would never allow his daughter to be swooned by a blesser.

Macks has got tongues wagging for his role as an older man who has caught the eye of a younger woman, who is obsessed with trying to win back his love after their initial breakup.

Macks told TshisaLIVE that he loved playing the character of Marothi but joked about killing any blesser who would try to take his daughter.


"As a man, a man that has recently celebrated an 18th birthday with his daughter, I would hate, hate to the point that I would kill- but I say that metaphorically I would not want to be a killer- to save my daughter from a blesser."

He said that he was not worried about his daughter falling for an older man because she was so involved in sport to be worried about looking for love in the wrong places.

"I am my daughter's blesser. She is my baby girl. You know, you never have absolute control of your kids but I am lucky. I can imagine other people having a hard time with their children but my daughter is a sportswoman and she loves her soccer more than boys. I am lucky."

"If it was that she was not occupied with sport, she could be around boys. But the way she has been raised, I don't think she would be won over by a blesser because as her father I am already blessing her with everything she needs. Her mother blesses her."

Macks was off screens for a while until he was called earlier this year to bring Marothi back into the storyline. The actor said the break allowed him to focus his mind and work on himself.

"Marothi is such a big part of me now that I can wake up and be Marothi. The break allowed me to refocus my skills and evaluate myself. It gave me time to really think about this man and where I wanted him to go. He needed to change and so I needed to change. I needed to reflect and rejuvenate myself."

He said that while many saw it as a curse to be away from screens, he said it was necessary and important to keep things in perspective.

"I think it is important to not see a break as a bad thing. It is important to take some time out and reflect. Just work on yourself and rethink. It can change your perspective."

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