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The Aviator Game Strategy and how to Cash Out Big Time


One great thing about playing a casino Aviator game is; that your chances of winning are guaranteed, regardless of whether you're a low or high roller. Anyone with little or no gambling experience can win easily; fun is; that one can place a stake as low as £0.10. Players play Aviator games with one aim: cash out their bets and make some profits.

Aviator Game Explained

Aviator game is a new casino virtual game exclusive to Hollywoodbets, and it's a good game for punters or enthusiasts – if you're looking to win as big as 20000x your stake or make quick cash. The aviator game is one to play to maximize your winnings.

In the Aviator game, you place a stake based on how high an aeroplane will reach the sky before flying off the screen. Payouts are always high if your plane flies so high without flying away. To win well enough, you'll need to cash out as quickly as possible before the play files out and the round ends.

Aviator Game Features

The Aviator game has cool features you might enjoy; some of the few are;

Auto Cash Out

Auto cash out is an excellent feature that's an opportune moment for players and gamblers; as a player, you get to set a cash amount for your bets; why? You don't always have to stop the plane at the correct numbers when playing. More so, you choose a specified odd and let the game do magic automatically. You then cash out your bets when your multiplier attains your multiplier.

In-Game Chat

With the Aviator game, you chat with other players, which is fun; you could share tips or have regular conversations with other players. Another fun part of the chat feature is; that a bot posts the scores of players who won big. So you could see other players progress and how well they win games.

How to Win Lots of Money in Aviator

First, in the Aviator game, you've got to aim to win big; when you do so, your chances of cashing out are as high as ever.

It would help if you placed bigger bets but did not overspend, and when so, you get to cash out very quickly. The higher your stakes, the higher your chances of winning big, so you must cash-out fast to maximize your winnings.

Avoid Adapting the Martingale Strategy

Adopting the Martingale strategy while playing the Aviator game is risky – it does nothing but increases your chances of winning short term. Although you bet to win many spins, in the long run, you tend to sin small amounts and lose significant amounts of money after much gameplay. It's even worse when you bet large amounts to win; you only win small.

Let's say you stake a small amount, $2, and play a game only to lose the round, then double the amount for the next round, and you also lose; you do this repeatedly until you just game, only to wager the original amount again.

Place two Bets Instead of one

It's a wise plan to place two bets instead of one in the same round; it increases your chances of winning and, more so, maximizes your winnings. It will help if you put a single bet on a game you feel the winnings can be far more significant than the stake for your other bet. Then stake your money on another bet that gives you a decent payout.

When you employ this strategy – betting on small and more enormous odds, your chances of winning are high. You get back your original stake when you bet on small odds. Although this is a good strategy, knowing to be on two games won't give you 100% cash out.


Winning big in the Aviator game requires strategy; luck is also a factor when winning big. Although as you continually play the game, you learn new gaming strategies.

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