Are mobile casinos better than desktop?


Throughout history, one of the most popular ways of staying entertained has been gambling. From the very first casinos in Europe to the latest online operators, people love trying their luck and potentially winning some money. This is true in all corners of the world from Europe to Africa, Asia and beyond. Online casino play, in particular, has exploded in popularity over recent years and developed into a multi-billion-dollar sector.

A large part of the advance of online play has been the growth of mobile casinos. These casinos allow players to try out the best games via their mobile device, rather than having to play on a desktop computer. This has made playing at the top iPhone casinos in South Africa something that many people like to do now. Sites such as gives you an overview of such sites, so you can find the one suited to your playstyle and taste. Moreover, the South African mobile gaming market is being pegged to generate US$111 million in revenue by the end of the year.

If you are new to playing online casino games in South Africa, you might wonder what all the fuss is about when it comes to mobile casinos. Are they really a better option than playing via desktop sites?

Mobile casinos are more portable

One big advantage that mobile casino play has over desktop is the portability it offers. The latest smartphones are designed to be lightweight and comfortable to carry around. They are also designed to be easy to handle when on the move, and small enough to fit in your pocket. When you add in that there are no wires needed to use them – thanks to wifi connections – it is clear that mobile casinos are well suited to gaming on the move.

You could certainly not transport your desktop to play casino games on during that long work commute in the same way! It is not just when you are moving about – the portability of mobile casinos is perfect for fitting in a short gaming session when on a lunch break or giving you the option to play casino titles in any room of your house.

Mobile casino offers can be better

One major advantage of playing casino games online in South Africa is the superb bonuses on offer. These could be tempting extras (such as free spins or free money to bet with) for new players and cool ongoing promotions for existing users. One plus point for mobile casinos is that they sometimes have different offers to their desktop counterparts – and these can often be more lucrative. As mobile play becomes more popular, online casinos react by dropping ever more appealing offers on their mobile casino sites.

Quicker to use

Whether it is shopping online or catching up with the latest celeb gossip in South Africa, people do not like to be kept waiting. In light of this, there is no getting away from the fact that playing games on a mobile casino is the simplest experience. With desktop, you need to switch on your PC, fire it up, wait for it to load, put your password in, wait for your desktop to appear, open a web browser, search for a desktop casino site and then finally wait for that to load before playing. That can take several minutes!

Mobile casino play, on the other hand, is much quicker. That is because you probably already have your smartphone on and the casino app of your choice downloaded. It is then very easy to simply unlock your phone, tap on the app and get playing.

Easy to access

Mobile casinos also have another advantage over desktop – their ease of access. Most people in South Africa own a smartphone, so playing games via an app is straightforward. It is also less costly as you do not need to buy any extra equipment to play casino games in this way. If you do not already own a desktop computer, however, you would first need to buy one – with a monitor – to play casino games on. As most of us have smartphones to begin with, paying out extra to play games on desktop simply makes no sense.

Mobile casinos vs desktop – which is better?

There is no doubt that online gaming is huge in South Africa and mobile casinos are a major part of this. As with many things in life, it is hard to say whether one method of online casino play is better than another. It is true, however, to say that mobile casino play does come with some unique benefits that desktop casinos cannot match. As more and more South Africans begin to own smartphones, mobile casinos are the perfect way to stay entertained when using them.

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