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MUVHANGO: Mulalo pays the ultimate price for defying the ancestors


There’s a golden rule in the royal house of Thathe: don’t ever go against the ancestors. If you do, they mete out a severe punishment, as c (Sydney Ramakuela) finds out this fortnight. “Mulalo has been sitting on the throne since mid January when his brother Azwindini (Gabriel Temudzani) abdicated after the money scandal with the Venda King. The elders immediately instated Mulalo,” says Sydney. But it’s not a case of just sitting on the throne. There are protocols to follow and one, as dictated by the ancestors, is a river ritual that the new chief has to do to solidify his chieftaincy. There is just one problem…


Mulalo is scared of water and it’s giving him nightmares about the impending ritual. “Mulalo keeps seeing someone die in the river, he believes it will be him should he go through with the ritual. So he keeps putting it off, but the royals pressure him, warning the chief that it’s a bad omen,” says Sydney.

When Mulalo’s youngest son Luruli (Zwikhodo Mashimy) mysteriously falls ill and the doctors can’t find anything wrong, Mulalo is convinced that the ancestors are warning him to perform the ritual or else. “He visits the royal sangoma Mulimisi (Humbulani Tsharani) and is given a message: put his fears aside and go into the river.” But the sangoma is not unsympathetic to his fears. “When Mulalo tells Mulimisi about his fear of water, they come up with a plan to trick the ancestors into believing that Mulalo is going to do the ritual,” adds Sydney


Luruli is discharged from hospital and recovering at home when Mulalo convinces the child to join him on what he promises to be a fun father-son day at the river. “He tells Luruli that they are going to the river to relax, but when they arrive, Mulimisi is waiting. The men tell Luruli to go into the river and cleanse himself,” says Sydney,

Mulalo hopes that sending his son into the river will placate the ancestors and allow him to excuse himself from entering the water himself. But something terrible happens. “Trusting his dad, Luruli goes in, but never comes back up,” explains Sydney. “The men search for the boy but he’s gone. The next day, the police are with Mulalo when they find his son’s body.”

A distraught Mulalo is arrested. “He is an emotional wreck and pleads with the ancestors to bring Luruli back,” says Sydney, adding that it is going to be upsetting watching Mulalo deal with his loss. “But the ancestors still want their river tribute honoured…”


Mpho went public with her accusations against Azwindini, and Imani and her girlfriends killed Vuyo. Shaz and Vhutshilo were in big trouble, and Mulalo wanted advice from his forefathers.

10 – 12 MARCH

Mulimisi takes aim at Dee, and Imani and her friends believe that they’re being haunted by dead Vuyo. Mulalo’s son Luruli is taken to hospital but the doctors aren’t sure what’s ailing him, and Imani’s blackmailer is revealed. Mulalo has another disturbing dream that changes his mind about the ritual at the river, and Dee meets Mulimisi for an unofficial date.

15 – 19 MARCH

Imani takes action against the blackmailer to save her friends, and Shaz is shocked when she finds out that Dee is also dating Mulimisi. Mulalo prepares for a ritual that the ancestors want him to perform, and Imani is publicly humiliated. Dee has reservations about being seen with Mulimisi, and Mulalo convinces his son to undergo the ritual to help Mulalo become chief. Vhutshilo has his eyes on a new girl, and Marang threatens Imani. Mulalo is distraught when his son Luruli goes missing, and Hulisani walks out on Rendani.

22 – 23 MARCH

Imani and her friends face off with someone they all know, and Mulalo is arrested after being told that his son is dead. Shaz meanwhile is concerned by Dee’s addiction to social media.


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