31 most dangerous cities in the world


If you’re thinking of travelling any time soon, make sure to avoid these Most Dangerous Cities In The World. Every city has it’s level of danger and slums, but some are much worse than others. We’ve gathered 30 Most Dangerous Cities In The World which are very scary places to avoid. Even walking out your font door can decrease your life expectancy. There may be some cities that may surprise you and others that are obvious. Take a deep breath and read through online gambling these 30 Most Dangerous Cities In The World!

1. Cali, Colombia
Many of the cities on this list are in Latin America and for good reason. Drug cartel violence abounds in many of these cities and Cali, Colombia is no exception. With nearly 80 homicides, it’s not a very safe place to live. Colombia has never had a great reputation and it’s unlikely to become a tourist destination anytime soon.

2. Lagos, Nigeria
As one of the largest metropolitatn areas in Africa, and the former capital of Nigeria, Lagos has never been known for a high level of personal safety. In spite of some very direct measures intended to quell the rising crime rate, it seems to continue growing, right along with the population.

3. Port Moresby, Papau New Guinea
As the capital and largest city of Papua New Guinea there is a high prevalence of violent crimes including rape and armed robbery. According to a survey of world cities by the Intelligence Unit of The Economist, Port Moresby is one of the world’s “least livable cities”.

4. Chihuahua, Mexico
Mexico’s violence problems are big enough to warrant it two spots on this list. In reality, there are many more Mexican cities on the world’s most violent cities list, but Chihuahua beats them out because of its position on the cocaine smuggling route to the United States. Drug cartels have taken over the area and it is not uncommon to see random firefights in the streets, making it a very inhospitable place to visit or to live.

5. Kabul, Afghanistan
Even though the US managed to finally kill Osama Bin laden and rid the world of extreme evil, it however, failed miserably in making Afghanistan a better, more peaceful place to be. Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, tops our list as the most dangerous city in the world because of constant threats of attacks from the Taliban.

6. Distrito Central, Honduras
While no large city is immune to violence, Distrito Central has surpassed the usual amount of violence. There is one of the highest murder rates around the globe. The dangers can be attributed to extreme poverty, government corruption and a heavy Mafia presence. Distrito Central is actually three cities blended into one. The high level of violence deters all but the most reckless of tourists.

7. Johannesburg, South Africa
Although most would probably still point to Johannesburg, after hosting the World Cup and making several attempts to improve its image, the tide may be turning. Sorry to give Jo’burg, South Africa, bad press, but truth is truth. Johannesburg is the most dangerous, deadly city Africa and in South Africa. Recent stats show that there are over 50 murders per day, 700 assaults, 356 aggravated robberies, and 150 rapes. The good news is that they are at least trying to make the place safer by adding 11,000 new police every year.

8. Moscow, Russia
According to Mercer, Moscow boasts the lowest level of personal safety out of any city in Europe, and while most of this is due to petty crimes the police force here is not known for doing its job.

9. Mogadishu, Somalia
The city of Mogadishu has had problems with al Shabaab militants for a while now, making the area unsafe for citizens and tourists alike. The United States refused to set foot in the country for over two decades, but changed that policy in 2013 when military advisers were sent to Mogadishu to help the locals resolve the militant issue. Despite the aid, the area is still dangerous.

10. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Although it’s not the most violent city on our list, there has been a sharp increase of petty crime including muggings and car jacking. Visitors are advised to use caution and remain aware of potential demonstrations and protests.

11. Maceió, Brazil
Brazil has a whopping 14 of the world’s most violent cities. Maceió is the capital of the Alagoas state and sees around 135 murders per 100,000 residents each year. The city is by far the most dangerous in the country, topping even Rio de Janeiro, which most people know for its favelas, or slums. Brazil may host a large part of the Amazon rainforest, but its most populated areas are not places you want to hang out in.

12. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Despite its beauty, it’s one of the most dangerous cities in the world, largely due to a high level of corruption. Most of the city is covered in drug-infested favelas, or slums, and the underpaid police force has been known to frame foreigners in order to elicit bribes.

13. Bangkok, Thailand
Although Bangkok has a relatively low level of violent crime as compared to other Southeast Asian cities, it has a notoriously infamous criminal underground centered around prostitution and human trafficking. And, like most of the cities on our list law enforcement is nonexistent.

14. Bogota, Colombia
While security in Colombia has improved in recent years, violence continues to plaque the capital. Run by drug lords and with one of the highest violent crime rates in the world, it has become famous for its “kidnap culture”.

15. San Pedro Sula, Honduras
For the second year in a row, the city of San Pedro Sula had the world’s highest murder rate, surpassing Mexico’s Ciudad Juárez. It topped the list of most dangerous cities in the world a second time with a rate of 169 intentional homicides per 100,000 inhabitants – an average of more than 3 murders a day.

16. Peshawar, Pakistan
Peshawar is the capital city of the province Khyber Pakhtunkhua or KPK in short. The city has been constantly under terrorist attacks and threats of attacks by the Taliban and Al-Qaeda heretics. The law and order situation has gotten worse thanks to warlords, different tribes, and smugglers of weapons, drugs and other illegal commodities wanting to establish their hold on the frontier city of Pakistan. The treat of terrorist attacks range from suicide bombings to kidnappings to shootouts, which makes it one of the most dangerous cities to set foot in the world.

17. Baghdad, Iraq
To the residents of this city, blood is nothing new. According to Mercer’s 2008 global index this war-torn capital was the most dangerous place in the world. And with a history of violence and war, Saddam’s execution has done little to improve its condition.

18. Acapulco, Mexico
Acapulco was once a popular tourist destination. These days, however, the stunning beaches see only a handful of vacationers. Drug cartels are a problem throughout Mexico and it has only been getting worse over the past decade. Large numbers of dead bodies are a common occurrence in this port city, making it a nerve wracking place to hang out.

19. Sana’a, Yemen
A politically instable country, Yemen has its share of problems. That being said, the capital city, Sana’a, is one of the most dangerous places in the entire world. Despite the best efforts of US allies, the city remains a high risk destination. Those who do make it there enjoy visiting the Old City, a section of Sana’a full of beautifully designed buildings from a more peaceful time.

20. Norilsk, Russia
The northernmost city in the world with over 100,000 residents, it was founded about a hundred years ago as a slave labor camp. Norilsk houses the world’s largest smelting complex and due to a lack of regulation the pollution has brought the life expectancy to a whopping 40 years. Not only that, the average temperature is -10 Celsius and there is not a single living tree with 30 miles of the city.

21. Beirut, Lebanon
Although its been called the Paris of the middle east due to its beauty, in recent years it has descended into violence and war, being bombed repeatedly, and now rated by Mercer as one of the least safe cities in the region.

22. Peshawar, Pakistan
Peshawar, Pakistan is another dangerous place in the world. With tribes and warlords fighting for supremacy, Peshawar is not safe, especially for foreigners. Although the city boasts amazing landmarks and breathtaking parks, targeted attack on security forces and suicide bombings, unfortunately, make Peshawar one of the world’s most dangerous cities to visit.

23. Port-au-Prince, Haiti
As one of the four most important countries for drug trafficking into the United States, Haiti has always been home to a vast criminal underworld. Couple that with a non-existent police force, severe fallout from the earthquake in 2010, and a high prevalence of disease to understand exactly why this city is so inhospitable.

24. Barquisimeto, Venezuela
Though Barquisimeto has just over a million residents, the city sees murders almost every day. The city is the capital of its region and features a surprisingly high number of universities and other places of higher education. Despite once being a thriving tourist destination, the area is now so dangerous that many tourists avoid it.

25. St. Louis, United States
Right up there with Detroit and New Orleans, St. Louis’ violent crimes rate is significantly higher than the national average (429.4 per 100,000) coming in at 2070 per 100,000 residents.

26. Muzaffarabad, Pakistan
Located in Kashmir, the beauty of the region has led many to call it “paradise on earth”. Ironically, however, many academics believe this shatterbelt will be responsible for igniting the next global holocaust.

27. New Orleans, United States
As one of the poorest cities in the country, the murder capital of the United States has 95 murders reported for every 100,000 residents.

28. Karachi, Pakistan
As one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the world it has a history of political and ethnic tension. Suffering heavily from organized crime there are also significant long-standing differences between various populations that often lead to tension and violence. Its also widely known as a human trafficking hotspot and the primary gateway for smuggling sex slaves into the West.

29. Detroit, United States
Topping Forbes list of most dangerous cities in America, “Motor City” averages 1,220 violent crimes per 100,000 residents.

30. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
The insanely dangerous border town of Juarez lays claim to one of the highest murder rates in the world. In 2009 2,600 people were killed due to drug related violence alone. The police force is almost non-existent as most of its high-ranking members have been assassinated and not even the military is any match for the powerful drug cartels.

31. Durban, South Africa
Despite Johannesburg’s reputation as the most dangerous city in South Africa, Durban has also featured on the list of the most violent and dangerous cities on earth. The latest violence flared up in the Durban area earlier this month after King Goodwill Zwelithini, the traditional leader of the Zulus, reportedly compared foreigners to lice and said that they should pack up and leave. Hundreds of foreigners were attacked during xenophobia in Durban while five people were killed in the area. Despite the xenophobic violence, Durban is infested with thugs, armed robbers and gangsters who even terrorise tourists and foreigners who visit both the beach and the sea ports for business and leisure.

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