My baby can go for 2 days without even crying – Linda Mtoba speaks on her motherhood journey (PHOTOS)


This month is extra special for actress Linda Mtoba. She will be celebrating her first Mother’s Day today and her third anniversary with her husband, Steven Meyer.

To add a cherry on to the top of the cake, Mtoba was officially announced as the new brand ambassador for Huggies SA this week.

The award-winning actress, who plays Nomonde on Mzansi Magic’s telenovela The River, took over from actress Gail Mabalane. The former Isibaya actress took a year’s break from the screen to raise her now sevenmonth-old daughter, Bean.


Speaking about her new partnership with Huggies, the 27-year-old says she had to keep it under wraps for five months as she was waiting for the right moment to make the big announcement.

“When Huggies broke the news to me, Bean was still two months old. I remember when we were shooting the campaign, I was insecure about a lot of things. I am sure you know what it’s like when you have just become a new mother. But I am grateful for my amazing team who were there for me and baby Bean,” shares Mtoba.

She says that when they found out they were expecting their first baby, the couple was excited for the precious gift of life and the beautiful journey ahead of them.

“I wanted to partner with a brand that added value to my new life and could help me add value to other mums’ lives. They say you learn from the best and I have been blessed with a phenomenal mum. She shows me every day what unconditional love is and I am able to translate that to my daughter effortlessly,” she says, adding that Bean is the spitting image of her dad, but she’s got mum’s personality. She describes Bean as a sweet, loving daughter who is always smiling. Although many new mothers complain about sleepless nights and crying babies, Mtoba is blessed to have Bean, who sleeps throughout the night.

“I won the jackpot with baby Bean. A day or two would pass without her crying. She is such a happy child.”

She adds that being a mother is the most fulfilling gift.

Mtoba has no plans lined up for her anniversary because of the national lockdown, but she says her husband is a man of surprises.

“For me, a quiet picnic at home would be ideal,” she giggles. She is also looking forward to today, Mother’s Day, as it means a lot to her and other mothers.

“This is a day on which we acknowledge all mothers for the significant role they play every day. It’s like it’s our birthday. It is a day where we stand together as mothers and compliment each other for the amazing work we are doing,” she explains.

Like every mother, she has dreams for Bean. She says every day she prays over her joyful life and for her to have good health, because “you can have money, but material things won’t guarantee you good health”.

Although motherhood is the best thing that has happened to her, she says she misses acting and her fellow cast on The River.

“It’s been a while since I acted. Do I still even know how to act?” she asks. “As a freelancer, I was fortunate to be paid a full salary for three months when I was on maternity leave. I was even told to make them aware when I am ready to come back to work. I will be back on set this month and I am looking forward to it.”

They say you learn from the best and I have been blessed with a phenomenal mum. She shows me every day what unconditional love is and I am able to translate that to my daughter effortlessly

Linda's 5 parent tips for new mothers

– You are a mum and you will always know best
– Follow your intuition
– Be open to support
– Have mamie’s time
– Do not forget about yourself in the process of giving all of you to the world and your children

– Citypress

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