Horror as prominent M-Net TV producer and film director Muhammed Nagdee mysteriously disappears


Zainul Nagdee is distraught. He broke down into tears as he described the horror that he and his family had been through since his nephew Muhammed Nagdee disappeared.

“We are quite a close-knit family. None of us have slept for the past two weeks. I sit up and my mind goes into overdrive. The phone rings in the middle of the night and you have that hope that it may be Muhammed and your heart skips a beat.”

Muhammed was last seen last Tuesday at 7am in his blue Kia Cerato. The 38-year-old, a well-known Johannesburg TV producer and director, was dressed in a black shirt and jeans on the morning of his disappearance. He failed to arrive at work.

Twelve days have passed since the father of two from Northcliff went missing, and the Nagdee family said they were no closer to finding out what happened to him.

“We actually have no idea what happened. Lots of clues are being followed up. The investigation is at a sensitive stage. We have hired a private investigation company who are working closely with the police.”

But the family fears the worst.

“There’s always that hope. We are quietly optimistic, but two weeks is a long time. There have been cases where people have gone missing for three or four weeks and then they are found alive, so we are optimistic, but we also have to be realistic, I guess.”

Nagdee said until the family gets closure, they vacillate between hope and despair.

“It is very draining, emotionally. Our family meets often just to support one another.”

Nagdee said he wasn’t aware of any issues or problems Muhammed was facing and wished that his nephew was playing a prank and that he would come home and surprise everyone.

“I feel like he’s going to walk in and laugh and say I caught you guys out, it was all just a prank. That is what has been going through my mind. But then there’s also the reality that 11 days is far too long for a prank, far too long for somebody to be out there pulling off a stunt like this.

“Muhammed would never go away for so long without contacting his kids.”

Nagdee described his nephew as an ambitious man, with the world at his feet.

“He’s produced a lot of programmes for M-Net and many other channels. He’s got that loving personality and is very gregarious and open-minded.”

Nagdee urged anyone with information on his missing nephew to come forward and help the family.

“We just want our Muhammed back. If someone knows something just tell us where he is.”

Police said they were investigating the matter.

– The Saturday Star

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