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Actress Rami Chuene blasts Kabomo for not paying Actors In his movie – Its been 4 years and no money


South African actress Rami Chuene has taken a swipe at singer and song writer Kabomo for allegedly failing to pay a movie cast for a movie of his that was shot.
Taking to her Twitter page on Tuesday, the ‘The Queen’ actress accused Kabomo of neglecting the actors in who acted in his movie.
In a long thread, the actress explained how Kabomo had previously disclosed that he had no money when the production started but chose to remain silent after the movie was released.
“No need for DM’s, I can address the issue ya @Kabomo out here. This is not me trolling him but a movie was shot, there was no money to pay artists but people worked anyway.
“You know why? Here was a young, black creative in need of a break. A lot of actors believed in his dream…,” she began the thread.
“Hence you see a stellar cast. Even when it was rough, people chose to work so this thing can become a reality. Before we even get to not getting paid, we can start at the fees people were willing to work for. Saying the money was little is an understatement,” she continued.

Rami maintained that she wasn’t writing the thread to sort of blackmail him, however, it looks as if that her thread was triggered by the fact that the film was airing on Showmax and the cast was still to be informed regarding any payment.

“After messages and calling him over and over he finally got hold of me. Even then I still understood that he struggled with the project and funding. I simply said to him that there was no need to pay me. I’ve written it off but if he can please sort other people out. Did he eventually get the rest of the money? I don’t know. Even if he didn’t, he still owed the actors and crew an update, an explanation, whatever.
“Communication bathong! Now, let’s just assume that he never got paid. What should Kabomo have done?,” she asked.
She suggested that under normal circumstances, he should not have released the final product.
“He could have held on to the final product instead of submitting it. Now it’s on Showmax. Did he tell them that talent and crew was not paid? Maybe the show is on Showmax so money can be generated and people finally get paid, four years later?[sic]”

Rami concluded by pointing out that she still wished him all the best and warned him not to con people.
“Still wish you the best, you hustle like crazy everywhere- tv, music, radio, print- and you don’t stop pushing. You’re so talented wena @Kabomo. I hope it pays off in a big way so you are able to pay others. Stop ‘scamming’ people, communicate, let’s move forward. I thank you.[sic],” she said.

To add to Rami’s allegations, actresses Zola Nombona as well as Gabisile Tshabalala who were part of the cast were also commented on the matter.
“No man kanjani? Rates were negotiated nje, money was not good but we supported a brother and worked hoping he would be a man of his word,” Zola responded to a tweet that implied that the cast knew that they would not be getting paid.
“What a joke my darling …lol,” Gabisile chimed in.
In response, Kabomo wrote a long thread in which he denied having conned Rami and other cast members and also pointed out how he had struggled with the funding for the movie.
“Droplets is not a funded film. I did not get a cent from anyone to make it. I did not get a sponsor or get commissioned by anyone to make it. There was no budget from the beginning. It cost me and my wife over R800k to make it and every single cent of that film was paid by us. When things got really bad, I asked for help and there was one person who helped me with R50k on the film and I spent that entire R50k on the film and as you can imagine that only covered 2% of our costs. We sold our cars. We downgraded our home to live in the city, where eventually we got kicked out coz we couldn't afford the rent. we ended up sleeping in cheap bnbs & friend couches for over a year. for the last 4 years we jus kept paying people from the little money we earned[sic],” he wrote.
He alleged said Rami had not honoured her end of the contract.
“Rami spent half a day on our set, to shoot 1 scene. She didn't spend more than three hours with us. She agreed to do her scene for free understanding what the project was about. She has no idea what the process of making it took,” he wrote.
Kabomo ended by saying he would not be debating the matter on social media.
“I will not be debating or going back and forth with anyone here. You are more than welcome to continue to say whatever you like about me. If it increases your followers and gets you more likes… I am glad to have helped you with that. Peace,” he concluded.


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