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Skeem Saam couple Marothi and Rachel speak on their controversial onscreen love story


Skeem Saam couple Rachel and Marothi talk about their controversial onscreen love

Skeem Saam is a mixed filled with all the tricks in the book, when she is on set, SABC, she lives up to her billed reputation, to the extent that her traditional Pedi family is not amused, as she often leave them shocked with most of her antics.
Award winning actress Lesego Maratalla's character on set Rachel Kunutu, has just married the love for her heart Marothi Maphuthuma played by Mack’s Papo.
The sticking point is that her mom Celia Kunutu does not approve her daughter's marriage to a man older enough to be Rachel’s dad. Rachel does care, instead all what likes letting everyone know she is the wife of a rich man.
Marrying for love?
The prime question in most people is was her marriage to him out of love? Or else she is just after his riches and nothing else. However, Lesego and Rachel are worlds apart; Lesego is humble and shy, while Rachel is something else.

“Many times in my head,I just think of Rachel, and say 'you are really a piece of art,'” said Lesego.
These days young ladies are marrying older men for either love or financial reasons. But Rachel says her marriage is motivated by nothing else besides love.
“If I can not be with him, I would rather die,” she had said on her wedding, she almost committed suicide following the rumours that he had murdered his first wife in order to claim insurance pay-out.

Luckily, he found her before she drowns herself and took her to the wedding altar to exchange vows. Lesego has been with Skeem Saam for eight years.
“I shocked my family when I told them I want to pursue a career in acting. They know I am a shy person, but I think when something is meant for you, nothing can stop it,” she said.
Chemistry on set
Born in Mpumalanga, the Lesego (26) fell in love with acting when she began doing drama in school, she proceeded to attend Monis Arts House in Pretoria, after grade 12.
The actress was surprised when she walked away with the Best Female Villain accolade in the 2019, Royal Soapie Awards.
“I am honoured and grateful to be recognised for the work I do, but I not where I would like to be. So the journey continues,” she said.
Veteran actor, Mack’s who has been with Skeem Saam for five years said; “She is something else.”
According to Lesego who is benefiting a lot from acting alongside veterans like Macks ones has to roll up sleeves to produce good performance on set. “Some might want to be on TV because they want to be seen, but it is not like that, it all about doing things that you love, and working hard to make sure you do it to the best of your ability,” she said.
Working hard
Their good chemistry on set is attributed to begin passionate and loving what they do. Macks described their passion; “We are both hungry.” Lesego said: “Any role I get, I make sure it’s memorable. I prepare and take my job seriously.”
Macks has a dramatic arts degree from Wits University, and before acting as Marothi, he acted in Rhythm City as Ivan Tshinawa a rich power hungry prominent person.
Some people when they come across him on the streets they call him Ivan, a good sign that he convinced viewers well. “I am very careful about taking too many roles at a time, as that would compromise performance.
“It is always a great feeling to be part of something meaningful, I don’t want to be remembered for being a celebrity, but I want to be remembered for my acting skills, my art,” he told Move magazine.
A blessed life
She is not about judging those who marry for material things or money, but she is not pleased when one let’s temporary pleasure to cloud a meaningful progress in life. She believes that sometimes people like Rachel who grew from poor background may want good life at all costs. And that Marothi can afford to give her such things. She warns that people especially women should always believe in themselves.
On the other hand, Macks is against young people who are love with older people, as long as they love each other. “I personally do not endorse sugar mommies or daddies, blessers or blesses because it is not authentic, but culturally, it is not a new thing to marry a woman a lot young than you,” he said.
Macks is happy that his 18 years old daughter is not into boys. “She is overseas on a scholarship, she is athletic and loves soccer. I don’t worry about boys and she knows, I am cool, but protective,” he said.
What is next?
In real life, both Macks and Lesego are just like any other persons who live their lives differently as compared to their characters in dramas. But on set, they are ready for the next season, which seems to be explosive.

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