Former Idols SA’s winner Noma Khumalo leaves Gallo records – Music career reaches dead end


Idols SA’s winner Noma Khumalo has parted ways with Gallo records – label confirms

One of South Africa’s most reputable music label Gallo Records has confirmed that season 12 Idols SA winner, Noma Khumalo has parted ways with the record company.

Speaking to DRUM, general manager at Gallo Records, Rob Cowling said that Noma had left the label in February this year, after both parties agreed on the decision.


"Noma was released by Gallo from her recording contract in February this year. She has not been a Gallo recording artist for over 9 months. Everything with Gallo ended amicably," he said.

This came amid rumours alleging that the 25-year-old musician is currently depressed owing to failure to breakthrough. Reports allege that her music career not being successful and also being held to the ransom by Gallo.
Responding to the rumours, Cowling denied that Noma was suffering from stress and said that the allegations were baseless.

"To my knowledge this is not true. Noma can easily be contacted and has confirmed to us she is fine, and the allegations are untrue. In fact Noma is free and has been promoting her own new single since July!," he said.
Meanwhile, this is not the first time that the record label has come under fire
It also happened during a memorial ceremony held for the late Thami Shobede who died in September, when his best friend, Themba Humana blasted the record company for neglecting Thami during his illness as well as for allegedly not paying him his royalties.

"We called Gallo to say he is in hospital, but they never responded to us. Gallo was not there for Thami. He had a contract with Gallo. He wanted to get out of the contract. All his gigs came from his friends and Gallo still demanded a percentage," Humana claimed then.

"Thami never got anything from his royalties," he continued.
Regarding royalties to Noma, Cowling said all royalties generated for her songs released under Gallo will be paid.
"However, any royalties for the material released since 2016 due to Noma will have been reported bi-annually as per her past contract with details reflected on the statements. Gallo will continue to report on any revenues that may be generated for her songs released under Gallo," he said.

He also took time to refute all accusations labelled against Gallo Records and adding that it was regrettable Noma had been sucked into them.

"It seems there are many similar incorrect allegations flying about regarding Gallo, to which we have issued statements on our website.

“To have Noma now dragged into more false allegations and incorrect information is bordering on slander and defamation against Gallo. It is also unfair to Noma, who has moved on with her career, and is no longer signed to us. She could also do without any false publicity," he said.

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